First information about the Playstation 5 console


Sony revealed the first information on the next Playstation 5 video game console.

Mark Cerny, a Sony engineer, told Wired magazine that the successor to Planet Playstation 4's most popular video game console will be powered by the AMD Ryzen processor. It will have eight cores and will be built on an architecture with 7 nm connections. It will be supported by a graphics unit of the AMD Radeon Navi family, which will, inter alia, take care of advanced graphics effects and display the image with an 8K resolution. The classic drive will replace the SSD. In order to make progress obvious, Mark appeared by launching the Spider-Man game on the test device. The quick change of location, which takes 15 seconds on the PS4 console, occurred in the next release in 0.8 seconds. The Playstation 5 will support games and spectacles of the current generation to show the virtual reality of the Playstation VR.


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