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Fires: Conclusion –

The Conspirators: The conclusion is proof that Disney is able to dominate Thanos with every beginning of rebellion in theaters and to cling to an unutterable number of people. : Photo: IMDb

If the talks about yesterday's album fall seem to be the all-time premiere of all time, it's because of the new Marvel industry rules seven years ago when they were the first. Avengers shocked with gains at the end of the week. And now they dictate them again, because the new numbers are so absurdly high ($ 1.2 billion) that those of 2012 ($ 207 million) sound like the product of an amateur theater show. The only question that remains is how far Avengers they come. Can they "clean" Avatar's record 2.7 billion profit on a global scale? Is the naked size of this giant an event we witness only once per generation?

Movie Review: The Avengers – A Border War

But more than that How much She is interested in us at the moment. As. In the year of the countdown to Conclusion could have been skeptical – A war without borders was and media really ended so spectacularly that it seemed that any solution to the central "problem" would inevitably be anticlimactic. When death ceases to be irreversible, the apocalyptic and melodrama of all events are in dispute.

At the same time, the place is also a question of how much space movies maneuver with a huge set of main characters – the time and space for the actual development of characters or stories simply is not enough. Conclusion threatened to surpass the passage of familiar faces to the edge, which will try to dignify "out of the ordinary" of all the characters that marked the last eleven years.

Contrary to what you may have heard, Conclusion does not mean ending, that is, "The Third Phase" of the Marvel Film Space – technically, in July this year honors the movie Spider-Man: Far From Home. Advertisement ad feedback

Marvel films in the film universe have never been a homogeneous unit: some were more harmed than others, and many lost their individuality under the weight of a broader context that had to be adapted. But this is the case when the whole does not define its most fragile articles: the fact that the studio of ten intertwined franchises somehow clings to a common film is an incredible achievement; which all work together as a coherent whole, testifies to the incredible long-range vision and incredible ambition since the time when Marvel did not have an example. A paternalistic or underestimating attitude towards Conclusion in this regard, it is not by chance in place. The visionary nature of the larger image is irresistible, although the production and formality of individual products sometimes have wheels barely filled with a corporate machine that flashes instead of the heart in Disney's chest.

One clear bonus is that Brother Russo was able to avoid most of the predictable pitfalls: the film is in fact marathon length and is scattered across a number of narrative topics, but at the same time finds space for an arc of development that extends beyond of gigantic explosions,. Franchise, who did not want to give us a single "pure" conclusion to 22 films (remember only all the clips hidden in the scenes after the checkout), fulfilled his greatest promise: set a point that did not look like a point or a semicolon for the first time. Stories that have flowed from film to film for 11 years are more or less settled; original configuration Believers she got her swing songs and the next generation opened the door to the future – though we have no other suggestions about the future.

The Ant Man, very clearly absent from the Unlimited War, is now becoming the key weapon in the fight against the destruction that Thanos left behind. Advertisement ad feedback

It became clear that the conclusion will not be primarily a movie for fans of the Marvel Hundred characters, Black Panther and the like. Younger superheroes are of course present, but there is no doubt that only the role of the support is "original configuration". Hey, even Hawkeye (Jeremy Renner) has a chance to make a significant contribution! The only new characters that gain a little more room to maneuver are the Ant-Man (Paul Rudd), Rocket (Bradley Cooper) and nebula (Karen Gillan). Because it is in Conclusion less scenes of battles than in Unlimited War, the film is also visually for a shadow less like a stereotyped and more intimate exploding blockbuster to the drama of "traditional" character – although both films were taken at the same time, and there can be no huge difference in aesthetics between them.

The scenario may be in part offended by the fact that one of the most touching moments is borrowed from War Without Borders is just a variation on the same topic. Advertisement ad feedback

If you want to avoid all the information about the content of the movie, do not continue reading.

Due to general phobia predators, the story is difficult to write anything tangible. No one will be surprised to be dealing with a time travel. And before all this, you have to find yourself in the catastrophe of a catastrophe: events are set in time just after Thanos (Josh Brolin) half-life cremation in the galaxy. Half of the fires, which have not turned into dust, are considering other steps. Interplanetary Guardian of Peace, Carol Danvers (Brie Larson) understands his task as a rather linear mission: to kill Thanos, to seize the stones of infinity, and to return everything that has disappeared from the scrupulous with nothing new. Of course, it will not be so easy, and the protagonists must – once again – face their defeat and helplessness. "Revenge" after all, there is no mark for someone who is good at prevention things, cynically commented Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.)

In the five years that follow, only one of the protagonists finds a way out of despair and chooses the beginning of a new life. The others are withered, bitter, crushed – Conclusion For this initial stage, it takes a surprisingly long time. (One of our protagonists thus leaves him nicknamed "Lebowski" because of his hairy stomach and his imitated image.) Even if he finds a way to bring down the fatal tales of Thanos, they have lost loved ones that can not be recovered of dead. The scenario gives a sense of loss in a surprisingly emphatic way, which is not always curable.

The fate of the galaxy (supposedly) hangs on the wire, but we still have time to notice the last one on Captain America's back. Advertisement ad feedback

But of course, it's time to fix what Thanos took advantage of. The central part of the film has a fun premise that allows directors to recycle Marvel's "Greatest Hits", reinterpreting the main moments of every movie, but this time with a slightly different angle.
Although screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely take the time to weaken the interpretation of the time machine in Back to the past, they borrowed from Robert Zemeckis the concept of finding their alternative versions in the past. They also ensure that almost every character in every movie returns at least for a short walk (because of star inflation, even the icons of Natalie Portman and Michael Douglas are reduced precisely to the statists.) Such a gift is in the service of pleasing to fans and Conclusion in fact, does not even accidentally function as a stand-alone film: it's to be a reward for dedicated viewers who resemble all the inner handkerchief and connections between the heroes.

Unlike the enamel that echoes the galaxy in the final scenes Unlimited War, Conclusion is not the kind of movie in which "the time of conclusion will be released": everyone who dies this time dies upon arrival. More than the content of the nuances of the division – and also in Ljubljana, people from the corridors are crippled – is an interesting collective hypnosis that can still be established by a cultural event (for the "cultural" snob) in the vast developed world. An important moment in the history of commodification, I tell you.

Most of what we can expect now is as much as possible before Disney decides to show off the muscles and, out of public speech, with metaphorical fingerprints, not everything is its megalomaniac franchise. Thanos is dead, Thanos lives.

Rating: 4; writes Ana Jurc

MANUFACTURERS: CONCLUSION – at the cinema from April 25

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