Established the first Slovenian portal for anonymous annoyance


Under the supervision of investigative journalist Anuška Delić, the first portal to anonymous Australia, Žvižgač.si, was launched. In the words of its creators, the portal offers people the highest security for people who wish to provide anonymous information of public interest. The portal is managed by the Investigative Information Center in the Adriatic region, Sharp.

The project was created under the supervision of an investigative journalistAnuške Delic – is a site that will allow you to uncomfortable to provide anonymous information to the public in the public interest. They will be able to forward files, documents, data, photos, recordings and possible tips for investigative journalism. All information will be verified by experienced journalists who will assess the credibility of the information and documents.The fact that something will be mediated does not mean it will be published"

Stories that will be prepared based on anonymous information or tips will be published in oš and other media in Slovenia or elsewhere. After providing information, informants may contact the press in a secure manner. "If the whistle sticker complies with our instructions, the information on it will not be stored. The anonymity of the complainants is guaranteed on our side, as far as possible,"Delić said.

Safe browser and other security measures for whistleblowers

Complainantis based on the SecureDrop Elevation System, the open source software of the Freedom of the Press Foundation, a non-profit organization. The portal also provides a sniffer guide to describe what needs to be done to provide information securely and anonymously. "However, it is very important for whistleblowers to monitor and follow the instructions we write on the site. If necessary, we also restore them,"Delic added.

To submit information, the whistleblower needs a free Tor browser that, according to Delic, provides security against someone who is monitoring their online behavior. You can access the portal from any browser and find a link to a secure whistle interface (the .onion extension that ensures that the webpage can not be opened without the Tor browser).

The whistleblower then opens the SecureDrop site where it receives a unique username and password. Through this interface, the whistle can provide information, so you can communicate with the reporter again, he must remember the password. It is recommended that you do not record anything or store it in a safe place until it is destroyed.

Data can also be sent by whistling users through encrypted e-mail, free sign-up or WhatsApp applications, or through regular mail.

"In the process, fuses are installed at all stages, so no one can access the identity of the person who provided some information or documents. This applies to journalists, law enforcement agencies, for anyone. No one knows this, as we all adhere to these rules. And let's stick with them."she explained.

To communicate information, the public computer is more appropriate, but at Sharp, they point out the position of video surveillance cameras that can record a whistle or a computer screen. Delić also warned about the use of personal and personal computers. By using the Tor browser, the employer will not see what documents are sent by the whistle, but he will still see which sites he has accessed.


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