Elizabeth II. celebrates 93 years


The queen is still very active and not afraid of the novelty of modern life, participating in countless official events, riding and even using the social network Instagram. For longevity and energy, it is likely that you can thank a good genome, and your mother has died for 101 years.

The British throne is Elizabeth II. occupied at 25 years.PHOTO: AP

British queen Elizabeth II. reached 93 years. Despite his advanced age, he still does not think of abdication, and he intends to continue serving his homeland.

As the royal family will celebrate her birthday is not known, but the queen usually celebrates her birthday on April 21 in a close family circle that coincides with Easter Sunday. For this reason, they expect the monarchy to attend today's mass at St George's Chapel in Windsor, according to tradition, British media wrote.

Probably will be accompanied by members of the royal family. There will be no prince among them WilliamWhat did you spend the night with? Kate and children in Norfolk and Prince HarryWho with her husband? Meghan These days, they are expected to increase.

Elizabeth II. otherwise the birthday is usually celebrated in June when the weather on the island is more beautiful. This year will be officially celebrated on the second Saturday of June, when the parade is called Pozdrav zastavi. Traditionally, the queen's birthday is accompanied by Cannon's cannons in the British capital.

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Despite the preservation of centuries-old traditions, Elizabeth II tries. stay in tune with time. So for the first time, when he visited the museum, he personally published a photo on the Instagram network. The royal family is also very active in social networks where millions of followers follow.

The queen, however, not only enjoys the reputation of her subjects, but also of other royal families. So is the Dutch king Willem Alexander visiting London Elizabeth II. was the most fearsome Bond Bond of all time, which in recent decades has undergone drastic changes in his country, Europe and the world.

With this, the Dutch king remembered a clip at the opening of the London Games when the actor Daniel Craig in the role of James Bond taking the real Queen Elizabeth II with a helicopter. at Buckingham Palace, his peers jumped from the helicopter onto the stadium.

That the monarchs with the greatest antiquity are not bored, family members are mainly concerned. This is how your husband is, Prince Filip, with whom they were married for 71 years, caused a car crash in 97 years last year, in which two women were injured in another car. After another incident with the vehicle, the prince gave up his driver's license.

Currently everyone is eagerly waiting for a new member of the royal family. The first son of Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan, to be born in the next few days, will be the eighth lawyer, the lawyer Elizabeth II, who has four children and eight grandchildren.

Elizabeth II. was born on April 21, 1926 in London, and the British throne led her to 25 when her father died suddenly in 1952. Since then, she has broken several records. She became a monarch and world leader with the greatest antiquity. In history, she was also credited as the world's oldest leader, the only British queen to celebrate the sapphire jubilee and the only British monarchy with a platinum wedding anniversary.

In history, it was also registered as the world's oldest leader.PHOTO: AP


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