EA has released Apex Legends – a free real battle game for PS4, Xbox and PC


The exceptional success of the Fortney game attracted the attention of the biggest game developers and convinced them to test themselves in this genre. The latest company, which has decided to develop its "battle royale" game, is the legendary Electronic Arts (EA).

The game was named Legends of Apex and is a team game in which all users can choose one of the eight figures. The game was developed by developers of Respawn Entertainment, who are known by the game Titanfall. In addition, Apex Legends occurs in the Titanfall environment. The game is now available for PS4, Xbox One and PC. In addition to Fortney, Apex Legends is also free to play.

EA said some accessories were installed inside the game, which would make the gaming experience different from other "Battle Royale" games. The first is the Jumpmaster system, which allows users to they decide where your character will be on the map. In Fortnat or PUBG, you can only determine the location. This is important because these games operate according to the "last survivor" principle and the initial placement of game characters is crucial.

Apex Legends allows the player to choose where their character will land. It may appear in the middle of a folder, where they are also opponents, or on the edge of the map, and then moves slowly inward, while other teams are fighting against each other. Another interesting feature is the Respawn Beacons, which can be used by the player once for resuscitation of the team.

The characters in Apex Legends have special characteristics, they can choose between Bloodhound, which can see the activity of opponents on the map, Lifeline doctors and many others. The game is based on teamwork and balance between team members.

Each user can choose one of the eight figures

EA says the game can start playing in March of this year, and players will be able to buy the Battle Pass, which will allow them to add extras in the game. While playing, these add-ons can be earned for free. Apex Legends are expected to have themed seasons and events, similar to the Fortnight.


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