Sunday , October 17 2021

During school in nature, a young man died in a tragic accident

BOVEC – On Monday, just before 5 pm, police from Bovec station reported on the accident of a foreign citizen at a camp in the settlement area of ​​Soča.

Collecting notices, it was found, among other things, that a German citizen died on a steep slope during a play in the nearby forest, and that he was a younger person.

He was a participant in a school in nature in a group of 38 young people organized by one of the German mountain clubs. The teenager, along with some friends, walked about 50 meters into the nearby forest. When a small group of teenagers reached the rock after a few minutes, it passed and the unfortunate teenager pressed himself against the tree.

The other young people present scream for help with four guides who immediately rushed to the scene, removed the larger rock and began to recover the victim. Also, guides to help call a competent rescue service.

The lesions were severe

PGD ​​Bovec's on-call staff first arrived at the site, which immediately resumed resuscitation by the adolescent, followed by the emergency medical assistance team ZD Tolmin. Despite the resurgence and the provision of medical care at the scene, the teenager suffered injuries.

In the end, the doctor requested a post-mortem health examination at the Ljubljana Institute of Legal Medicine.

At the scene, rescue workers from GRS Bovec were also rescued, who transferred the deceased person to the field, where they were taken by the competent service.

Police also informed the District Attorney's Office in Nova Gorica about all the findings.

Criminal Investigators from the Nova Gorica Police Criminal Investigation Section are continuing their investigation to clarify all the circumstances of the tragic accident.

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