Double prices: why are we paying more than the Austrians with 3,600 euros of average salary? #video


In the last period, the double prices of operators in the Slovenian and Austrian markets attracted much attention. This is the case for violating our rights, they were arguing in the Argument. "A breach would have been if the price had not been shown transparently if it did not include all the costs," explained Romana Javornik of the European Consumer Center at the Ministry of Economy.

With 3,600 euros of average salary, the Austrians have the same perfume, in the same bottle, buy half the price of the badly paid Slovenian. Not only luxury, but also everyday products are more expensive for us.

You can find a cage for a dog in a car in Hofer, where it costs 299 euros. Across the border, the same cage is much cheaper and costs 199 euros by the same dealer. The savings are guaranteed even if you are going to Austria from the capital.

Boštjan Jager and Romana Javornik.

Boštjan Jager and Romana Javornik.
Photo: Ana Kovač

This is just one example of cheaper shopping with neighbors. We are on 1 day ago wrote about the Müller drug leaflet, where the same perfume in Slovenia costs almost twice as much.

"Providers would freely form the prices of their services or products. The violation would be if the price were not shown transparently if it did not include all the costs," she said in Argument on Planet. Roman Javornik of the European Consumer Center in the Ministry of Economy.

"Traders are always looking for opportunities for quick profits and when that opportunity comes, they take advantage of that. We also need to be aware of this by consumers not to be content with such offers."

The owner of the Slovenian retail chain would not dare to

There are some comparisons between the Austrian and the Slovenian Hofer. The drums drum us at 199 euros, in Austria 189 euros. Work lamp in Slovenia 12.99 euros, Austria 11.99 euros. The silicon for leaks in Slovenia is 5.99 euros, while for our neighbors the euro is smaller.

He was among the guests at the show Boštjan Jagerco-owner of the successful retailer Jager network. Would you have expected one of your 40 stores to do the same and sell products at different prices?

"Absolutely not," was Jager's terse.

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It ended up on social networks: why are we paying more for the same product?




The hourly rate is almost half lower

Differences in prices may continue to be cited, recognizing that most products cost the same. It is completely different, of course, the purchasing power. According to Eurostat, the average hourly rate in Austria was € 29.80 in Slovenia and € 16.40 gross. The buying power of the Austrians is therefore even greater. Most products are equally expensive or even cheaper.

In Hofer there are several reasons for differences. Prices are affected by purchase prices, logistics costs, taxes, demand and others, explaining and adding that there are cheaper products in Slovenia than in Austria.

Read other topics in the argument:

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How can buyers punish dealer policy?

"The buyers are the easiest to punish the trader so they do not seek it out anymore," said Jager, "and the foreign traders present in our market have a broader view. of a particular market. and thus adjust the price level.

"Traders are always looking for opportunities for quick gains and when such an opportunity takes advantage of this," says Romana Javornik.
Photo: Ana Kovač

"The consumer has to decide where to calculate what is being paid for it, and the time we spend crossing the border or navigating cheaper products online is worth something," said Javornikova.

Is there any difference in product quality at different prices?

"There is a possibility that large traders and global players have the opportunity to investigate the market and the analysis, and based on that they decide which formula they put in a particular market. It may be inferior or tailored to a specific market, said Jager.

A few more comparisons:

Some comparisons of the prices of Austrian and Slovenian Hofer products. Products for daily use, mainly food.

Products Slovenia Austria
buns 0.15 0.15
flour 0.47 0.45
toilet paper 2.35 2.19
ketchup 1.89 1.69
beer 0.59 0.45
flakes 0.55 0.65
shampoo 3.49 4,49
All prices are in Euros.


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