Thursday , July 29 2021

Doncic's Dallas – Indiana wins 21st victory of the season


On Sunday night, more precisely at 1:00 CET, the Dallas basketball team will visit Indiana, which is similar to the team that Luka Doncic, the Slovenian basketball star, commands with exceptional games this season, either to correct the impression after the defeat at home against Philadelphia. Mavericks will also be looking for a new win that would bring them back to the cities that lead to the NBA playoffs.


Current rivals – Slovenian supporters of the world's strongest basketball league, the NBA, are far more interested in how Dallas will cut Sunday night at 1 am because of the exceptional Luke Doncic – will enter the game with not exactly the best traveler of the last domestic defeats.

If Indiana suffered a real disaster against Philadelphia (96: 120), Mavericksi led a convincing game against San Antonio for a long time, but in the last quarter it became unintelligible and made a new loss (101: 105) of this season year. With the ratio of wins and losses of 20-24 will be the customers Ricka Carlisla in a very demanding routine with the Eastern Conference team currently in third place, which has in his account after 44 games played 29 wins and 15 defeats, looking for the way to the much needed victory. This will be easier to achieve with a much better defense game and with the addition of another basketball player to the already Slovenian superstard in attack, where occasionally good night DeAndre Jordan in Wesley Matthews others are still "hidden" by the effects of the former Real Madrid player.

Slovenian basketball star Luka Dončić will visit India on Sunday night with "his" Dallas.PHOTO: AP

Indiana, on the other hand, has a longer bank, or in other words: a large number of diverse basketball players who, with the arrival of the bank, make sure that the pace of the Pacers' games does not fall so easily. In the next part of the season, all Indiana games are in your hands Victor Oladip, which is an average of 19.3 points per game. They are here first Myles Turner in Darren Collison, but it should not be forgotten either Thaddeus Younga, Domantas Sabonis and the Croatian national team Bojan Bogdanović.

NBA League, result:
Indiana Pacers – Dallas Mavericks -: –

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