Dirty and wet clothes, completely red and skin underneath the diapers


Photographs of neglecting five-month-old twins at a Croatian hospital are being surveyed by the Croatian public. Babies have heavily inflamed, red skin on their diaper area, their clothes are wet and dirty.

Today, Croatia's social networking networks have gathered an exciting photo of five-month-old twins being treated for treatment of viruses and flu viruses at Fran Mihaljević Hospital in Zagreb for a week.

One of the twins was tied up in bed.PHOTO: Facebook

Mother of twins Ana Treščec she was shocked when she came to visit him on Sunday and saw how her children were. One of the twins, in his words, was tied to the bed, his clothes were wet and dirty, both had wrapped toilet paper in his hands, and the diapers were more than obvious to have been replaced for a long time. But the mother experienced an even greater shock when she saw a completely red and inflamed skin beneath the diapers.

"I was looking for my sister, I found her in another department, she drank coffee. She told me that I could not change my son every five minutes" Mom talked about Dnevnik.hr and added that the baby was totally neglected, and the redness was simply terrible. The hospital's doctors, however, said that it was full of children and could not be constantly repaired.

Exciting skin photos and child neglect spread to Croatian social networks."Your buttocks and all the intimate areas look like live wounds, actually they are live wounds, you can imagine what kind of pain and trauma they are." this is stated in the publication.

"They have an excuse for everyone in the hospital"

Babies are five months old, they are premature babies. The first has influenza, the other has contracted the rot virus, which is why both are still in the hospital.

"Today I was not in a hospital, I just called here because my eldest daughter is sick and I am a single mother" is by phone to Jutarnji.hrsaid Ana. "I have a high tolerance limit" She adds that she did not intend to publish the photos at first, and then got a lot of support from the Facebook group. "After posting to Facebook, everyone called me in. I also got a lot of support from other moms, and a lot of journalists also called me."

The original post on Facebook social network was deleted. The person who originally posted the photos, however, wrote on Facebook that his post had already been deleted twice and invited people to continue sharing their post.

The mother adds that they have an excuse for everyone in the hospital: "They say they are small, they are premature, that their butt is sensitive. I brought three creams to the skin … if they were oiled with cream, this would not have happened." is convinced.

Clinic director Alemka Markotić is for Index.hrIn a short statement, she said that the whole subject on the social network was posted by a person other than the parent of hospitalized children. They conducted an investigation into the department where children are being treated and, according to her, the state of health of all children in the department. & Quot; according to the course of the disease for which they are treated & # 39;. He adds that in some diseases, skin redness can occur in both children and adults. Especially in young children with sensitive skin, irritation may occur, they are still reported from the hospital.

The clothes were wet and dirty.PHOTO: Facebook

The Ministry of Health has already demanded extraordinary supervision at the clinic:"The Health Ministry of the Ministry of Health, together with specialists, will carry out an extraordinary inspection in the clinic.The results will be informed to the public" the ministry reported.


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