Did the camera at the gas station record the singer when he steals?


In Croatia, a surveillance camera at a gas station prompted a man to pick up a phone, which was forgotten by a person in front of him at the sales counter, writes avaz.ba. After the salesman came back to him, he also took out a cell phone, which was not his.

The recording, which was established last September, should be a singer Sejo Kalačreports avaz.ba. They write about him that he lives a very violent life, some even speculated that he surrendered to alcohol and drugs. A woman who guided her career, Hatidza Hajrić-Mujkanović "He has been enjoying pills for a long time to promote hepatic function, and when he takes more, he feels sick and sleeps." For example, he was caught in the last year when he collapsed on the stairs and drowned in his sleep. People photographed it and distributed it to the media. Hajrić-Mujkanović says that human malice did his own thing: "Instead of helping him, he was photographed."


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