despite falling to the ground, he did not leave the end


After listing Dream Sirk in the finals Masterchefa there were three chefs in the fight for the last hurdle. Špela, Bojan in Anze they had to prepare the main course and dessert for the guests of the local clubs invited by the judges in the semifinal.

In addition, they received helpers: former competitors May, Tomaž in Klemna.

Ground meat

Angie, who cooked with Maje, suffered a small accident when her fried meat fell to the floor. But there was no panic, for he prepared more meat than he needed, and continued his sovereignty. He was impressed with the dish. Also with dessert.

Dish of Preslana Špelina. PHOTO: TV pop

Špela had more problems, did not organize the best with Tomaž and prepared the main course with overdraft, reason why also left the semifinals.

Complete plate

The judges decided between Bojan (? Tišler &) and Anžet (students). "The student? Futer? Restaurant was perfectly cooked.

Dessert of Anžeet. PHOTO: TV pop

that, or & t 39; tishler & # 39; it was perfectly roasted meat, but we all miss the sauce, "said the judges, so it was clear who had the upper hand.

The dessert of Anžet was just a touch on i: perfect, delicious, crispy and juicy. "Anže, their dessert was young and also very tasty," they said and sent for the final. There were shouts of joy.

Finalists Anže and Sanja. PHOTO: TV pop

"There were so many ups and downs, there were a lot of nice moments, and they are the most important ones, and they brought me to where I am now, for the finals," Dolenjez, 20, Anže Kuplenik.

In the end, he will move with Sanjo. "Me and Sanja, and the fifth round of this season of Masterchef, but this one will decide," he added.

They admired the dish. PHOTO: TV pop


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