Dear William Julian, this is our last song, which we wrote together & # 39;


Days ago he left for two and a half years old William Julian, a boy who became the voice of children suffering from rare diseases. In his honor, his father, SoulGreg Artist, wrote a song entitled "When Meeting in Paradise" in his eternal memory and gift for his son.

"Dear William Julian, the sun of my gold, this is our last song, that we wrote together.You called me all the tones, because I felt for you and wrote on paper.We completed the song on Sunday and called it" When we meet in paradise. "A short time later, on the same day, her condition worsened and we took you and her mother to the hospital urgently.You never went home again.Next Sunday you closed your eyes forever"wrote his father about the outcome of a song on Facebook Gregor Bezenšek, which he creates under an artistic nameArtist SoulGreg.

& Quot;Today, when we are talking about you, I send our last song to you among the stars all over the world. My dear son, we must bid farewell to this moment, but I know that soon we will be together again – when we meet in paradise.We love you infinitely and forever.In the video, we remember forever and 2500 lit candles that symbolize our infinite love for you. Her father Gregor – SoulGreg Artist, MomNina and sister Ella Vita.& Quot;

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Gregor and Nina are in the record book of Viljem Julijana, in which people can now concentrate their thoughts and express their condolences, wrote:

& Quot;You're so fragile, but so rude at the same time! You're so small, so big! With all your impotence, you are so powerful! You can not move, but you move mountains! You're so young, but so grown up! You can not speak, but you have a strong voice that speaks for many! You can not tell, but you teach us everything! You can not give and your heart is connected! You can not prove it, but you've proved it to everyone! Prove that you are. Great love and lots of inspiration! Me and your mother tell you that you are and always will be one of the best things that happened to us in our lives! We love you endlessly!& Quot;

Listen to the songs When we meet in paradise, which Gregor gave to his son Viljan Julian:

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On May 19, Viljem Julijan, a fighter from Mali, lost a battle against a cruel and incurable disease at the hospital in Celje. Her heart has stopped and her story and the struggle of her parents remain. Now it is the struggle of other rare disease children and their families facing similar pains, such as the family of little William Julian.


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