Saturday , October 23 2021

Both will be the new Volkswagen electric for the crowds!


Volkswagen's first independent electric car will be called ID.3. Your achievements and prices are known.

Volkswagen released details of the first all-electric model independent of the new generation ID. As announced today, the hilly golf course will be named ID.3.

For the first time, many other details are known:

  • The initial price in Germany for ID.3, with a range of 330 kilometers, will be less than 30 thousand euros. In Slovenia, we can expect something similar, with a subsidy of € 7,500 from Ekosklada, the volkswagen battery will be very similar to the prices of modern class commercial vehicles.
  • Besides the entrance, they will offer two other types of batteries. The center will have "less than 40 thousand euros" and could reach 420 kilometers. The extended range type will have capacity of up to 550 kilometers per WLTP single charge cycle, but VW has not announced the price for it.
  • The ID.3 will be available at the beginning with three levels of equipment and four colors.
  • Why 3 in the name? In VW, they explain that it is the third revolution in Volkswagen – the first one caused a bug, the other a golf. At the same time, the number 3 provides the following model IDs, which will be included in the classes below and above.
  • They plan to sell more than 100,000 ID.3 cars a year. At the beginning of 2025, the ID family would become the best selling electric brand in Europe. The ID.3 will be sold at least initially in Europe, the United States and China, with the next electric cross, limousine and van.
  • In the first year after the purchase, ID.3 owners will have free electricity in public bottles (with the We Charge application.
  • The official premiere will be in September in the hall in Frankfurt
  • For the first time, Volkswagen introduced a pre-sale – with a deposit of 500 euros, the first customers will receive the "1st special edition", which will have richer equipment and a medium-sized battery with 420 kilometers range. The series is limited to 30 thousand vehicles.
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