Tuesday , September 21 2021

Bojana Beović announced changes

“The situation is worrying,” a clear expert from a group of experts told the government. Bojana Beović. According to the most recent data, more than 30 percent of all samples collected in the last 24 hours in Slovenia were positive, despite the fact that a large number of tests for the presence of the sars-cov-2 virus were performed in last days.

Beović confirms that we tested a lot in Slovenia: “In fact, since mid-April, when we started to release the measures, we were instructed to test anyone who had a respiratory infection or any symptom that could lead to greed.”

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A few days ago, she publicly expressed her concern about whether such a test method made sense, so now they have decided to temporarily limit testing and focus on patients who need testing because they expect a more difficult course of the disease, perhaps hospitalization, and for on the other hand, for those people who have contact with a vulnerable group, such as employees in nursing homes, hospitals, people who have a lot of contact at work, as well as those who have individual family members who may be seriously ill, to protect them because we know that your relative contracted covid 19 “, she said Echoes on RTV Slovenia. “We hope that the tests will be reduced at least a little bit, but of course we don’t want to miss the tests as a good tool to monitor the epidemic,” she said, announcing that certain groups of people would start testing with less reliable antigen tests, but according to a protocol. , which they have already designed.

So there will be a little less testing. Will there also be fewer positive cases detected? “It’s true,” he said to the leader Igor Bergant confirmed Beović.

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