Thursday , October 21 2021

Bieber challenges the cruise: Tom, if you refuse to fight …


Justin Bieber is one of the biggest stars of music, which, in addition to his successful career, is also known for frequent bizarre ads on social networks. Among them is certainly the last, in which in MMA the fight was provoked by none other than the movie superstar, the legendary Tom Cruise.

"I would like to challenge this opportunity Tom Cruise in the MMA battle in the Octagon. Tom, if you refuse this fight, this will be a clear sign that you are scared, and I really do not know how you can live with that burden. Who is willing to organize this fight " wrote on Twitter his unpredictable music starJustin bieber, which was also mentioned by the president of the UFC organization in the cited publication Dita Whita.

Media that faithfully follows the private lives of publicly exposed people wasted no time and, as quickly as possible, shared Bieber's announcement on their internet platforms. A 25-year-old Canadian has publicly expressed his love for martial arts in the past and was even "follower" of the boxing champion Floyd Mayweather is younger, who also trained a musician in his spare time. In Bieber's question if anyone is ready to organize their fight with the movie star, no one else came up than the former world champion. Conor McGregor, who wrote under the musician's announcement: "If Tom Cruise is enough in his pants and he will agree to fight Justin Bieber, McGregor Sports and Entertainment is ready to organize this show. Is Cruise able to fight in the octagon as well as in his movies?" Stay with us and find out. "

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Why Bieber chose exactly the mega hits & # 39; Mission Impossible & # 39; and Jack Reacher, we could find out soon enough. The question arises, moreover, on the question that one of the most observed people in social networks has tried to prove or to communicate to Tom Cruise a call to fight.

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