Bezos's ex-wife is richer at more than 28 billion euros


Ex-wifeJeff Bezos, MacKenzieZemlyan, the richest, got a four percent stake in Amazon, even if it could have it again. Its shares are worth about 28.5 billion euros, half of which could be entitled.

Bezos, which holds a 12% stake in Amazon, remains the richest man in the world. Its assets are worth about one hundred billion dollars (about 89 billion euros), which means that it is still 3.5 billion euros richer than bill Gates.

The duo shared the decision with the world on Twitter, but did not explain why they decided, as they decided. Neither is your new partner mentioned anywhereLauren Sanchez. The latter was the reason why the wealthy couple announced in January that they were separating.

"I'm grateful that Jeff's separation process is over, with mutual help and everyone else, and I'm looking forward to the next stage when we're parents and friends. I'm upset about my plans and grateful for everything that happened, so I can not wait what is going to happen now "is tweeting MacKenzie.

"I am grateful to my friends and family for all the kindness and courage, meaning more than you think. Above all, MacKenzie, thank you for your support and kindness in this process, and I look forward to new roles when we are friends and parents." She was an incredible partner, ally and mother. She is ingenious, beautiful, caring and I know that I will learn from her in the future, too " and Bezos was tweeting.

It is obvious that the couple agreed in the best concise and friendly way possible and remain in good relations, regardless of the fact that their ways have dissolved.


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