Saturday , October 23 2021

Bernal kept an advantage over the followers in the stopwatch


Egan Bernal scored the 11th time on the clock. Photo: EPA

The chronometer was the last chance for Bernal's main competitors to avoid the Ineos cyclist's final celebration, but the 22-year-old Colombian, who had already won the Paris-Nice race this year, did his job safely. It ranks 11th, for the closest trackers in the overall standings for Australians Rohan Dennis, who was sixth, left behind for 19 seconds. That means he has maintained 22 seconds of shooting and will only have to confirm victory on Sunday.

Špilak was 28 years old with 1:05 minutes, Matej Mohorič then 118. with 2:48 minutes late. Špilak is seventh, while Mohorič is now 64th.

Lampaertu was the closest to the 19-kilometer drive at the time of the Danca Kasper Asgreen in Soeren Kragh Andersen. On Sunday, cyclists await the final act of 83. Race in Switzerland. The ninth stage will be around Goms. The caravan will cover 101.5 km, along the route there will also be three heavy climbs, compared to the water of Dennis in the mill Bernal.


Goms, stopwatch, 19.2 km:
1. Y. LAMPAERT BEL 21:58
2. K. ASGRAIN DAY +0: 05
4. T. SCULLY NZL 0:13
5. P. BEVIN NZL at the same time
6. R. DENNIS AVS 0:19
11. E. BERNAL KOL 0:38
28. S. SPILAK SLO 1:05
118. M. MOHORIČ SLO 2:48

Order after the eighth step:
1. E. BERNAL KOL 24:40:24
2. R. DENNIS AVS +0: 22
3. P. KONRAD AVT 1:46
4. T. BENOOT BEL 1:54
5. J. HIRT ČEŠ 1:55
6. E. MAS SPPA 2:43
7. S. ŠPILAK SLO 2:53
65. M. MOHORIČ SLO 30:34 

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