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One of the main causes of cardiovascular disease.

In the world, one in five deaths is associated with an inadequate diet, according to a study published today by scientists. Due to the excessive consumption of sugar, salt and meat, millions of people die every year.

The study, published in The Lancet, notes that in almost all 195 countries studied, people eat a lot of unhealthy foods while enjoying unhealthy and disturbing foods, according to a French news agency AFP.

In the world, on average, people drink more than ten times more sugary drinks than the recommended amount and consume 86% more salt than is safe. At the same time, they warned that people eat too much whole foods, fruits and nuts in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Of the 11 million deaths associated with inadequate nutrition, most cause cardiovascular disease. These usually cause or worsen obesity. "This study confirms what many have been thinking for many years, namely that an inadequate diet is responsible for more deaths than any other risk factor. " said the study's author. Christopher Murray of the University of Washington.

"Our assessment shows that the main risks associated with diet, the consumption of large amounts of salt and the consumption of underutilized foods" he added.

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A study based on the monitoring of eating habits and diseases between 1990 and 2017 also showed that countries differ significantly in terms of food-related deaths. In Uzbekistan, where the highest risk of death associated with inadequate nutrition is 10 times higher than in Israel, where the risk is the lowest.

Eating disorders are often associated with economic inequality. In rich countries, households consume only 2 percent of their income, so they can consume fruit and vegetables five times a day and more than half the poor.

Professor at Warwick College of Medicine Oyinlola Oyebode, who did not participate in the research, emphasized that the results show what should be focused on improving eating habits and, consequently, health at national and global levels.

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