Because of the terrible experiences of the past, he has built a wall around it


Saša Omeragić from Ljubezen po domači has confided to us the deep suspicion of deep distrust of men and whether the feelings towards the young hero of the country Jake Hafner are sincere.

Anyone who has ever experienced disappointment in love knows very well how deep wounds can then shake the heart and soul. Some do not heal even when they watch the last program Love for home we began to wonder if it would be so with Saško Omeragić. A chosen stationary Jake Hafner she was in great emotional distress for Cain's unexpected departure because she lost her great confidence. Saxony: "There were 13 people in this house and I trusted only among these people. I did not trust Jaka either, because this was a show and had the participation of several girls, and he also sympathized with the girls from the Gašper group"

Indifferent because of a wounded heartPHOTO: personal archive

Saxon says that because of the shock of Cain's departure and fear of what the future will bring, she uttered the words "I do not believe in love"which briefly shook the onlookers of Love at home, but their words broke the view of sorrow that men have experienced in the past." Saxon is completely open: "In fact, the pattern was repeated, my father's best dad beat me."Not only was the first man mistreated, she was also the victim of her outbursts of jealousy, and from the clutches of a devastating relationship she was rescued by a power she did not even know existed. But the disappointment in the last relationship was so great that she lost all the confidence in the men until she met Jake.

Saxony confirmed to us that the true emotions of the country's hero were beginning to awaken in him. Just as not, because Jaka is an honest, hardworking and fun guy. She was also very respectful to her, while understanding her anguish, because she was wrong too. Perhaps his faith in love and perseverance breaks the firm armor Saxon built around him because of his many bad experiences in life.

Emotions for Jake are true and honestPHOTO: POP TV

She decides that her goodness, which was abused by the people, has been healed. Saxony: "Finally, I had a friend who was ten years older than me, and she talked about me so ugly things that I went to Love to shoot a porn house."It is also affected by comments about the bill of his artistic photographs, which obviously go to the nose." Sasha, unfortunately: "They've hurt my job for a year."Photographs are nothing new in her life, because she has worked as a photomodel in her youth, but then she quit her job. Now she wants to raise the photograph to a higher level and also to defend the lens." She is a graduate theologian and master of family and family studies. the question is whether it will soon be dedicated to working on the farm.

Her photos go to many people in the nose, she is proud of her.PHOTO: personal archive

Let's see below the Love of Home, which is only after the new on Fridays at 8pm on POP TV and a day before on VOYO.


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