Bavcar said in his closing statement that he only trusted Istrabenz financiers


In the judgment of the former Chairman of the Board of Directors of Istrabenz Igor Bavčar and former Chairman of the Board of Directors of Maksima Holding, Miroslav Golubić, for allegedly damaging Istrabenz in the mandatory purchase of Intereuropa shares, were final words. The prosecution proposes two and a half years of imprisonment for Bavcar, while for Golubic two years.

In 2007, Istrabenz entered into a forward transaction with Banka Celje entered into by Maksima Holding and related to the compulsory purchase of Intereuropa shares at a specified price and within a specified period of time, so that at maturity of the futures transaction, who suffered with Maksima Holding of this transaction, took over Istrabenz. Istrabenz is expected to pay the claims by € 3.7m, according to which, according to the prosecutor, the company was also injured.

Bavcar emphasized that he only trusted the financiers of Istrabenz

Attorney Mateja Jadrič Zajc Today he stressed that the guilt was fully proven for the defendants. In the stock purchase transaction, this was a completely unjustified loss to Istrabenz, with criminal liability for criminal liability Igor Bavčar, since he was the only member of the board of directors and he also signed all contracts.

The delivery of the trial will be at noon on Tuesday.

The reason for an agreement disguised between the defendants and therefore to the Istrabenz conscious damage, however, is that the prosecutor sees in the economic connection between Maksima Holding and Bavčar himself through the companies he administered.

Bavcar, who is already serving a prison sentence for several years in prison for crimes in the actions of the Istrabenz Istrabenz, emphasized in his defense that from the testimony of all witnesses he stated that he himself was not involved in anything other than carrying out an incriminating transaction , he just signed the documents as Chairman of the Board of Directors, and entrusted him to those responsible for financial matters in Istrabenz in the first place Srečko Kenda in Kristjan Sušinski.

Bavcar is convinced: he tries to criminalize everything related to mePHOTO: Miro Majcen

According to Bavcar's belief, electronic correspondence, which has been submitted to the court, is substantiated by all of Kenda's activities.

Bavcar: He's trying to criminalize everything about me.

Otherwise, Bavcar is convinced that "trying to criminalize everything about me" and that the prosecution attempted to create a certain sense of guilt in the absence of evidence against him on the jury.

Bavarian lawyer Aljoša Dežman emphasized that the Public Prosecutor's Office had no place to prove the existence of an agreement between Miroslav Golubicand even less for the prosecution, the disputed contract shows the intent that would be required to prove the crime.

The defense case is that the transaction was intended to finance Istrabenz. Golubic's lawyer Anka Kozamernik She expressed astonishment that the prosecution did not withdraw the charge after the evidence was presented. In the controversial contract, this was not a futures deal, but, in fact, for Istrabenz's undercover financing by the Bank of Celje, which could not credit the holding holding company because of exposure to credit.

In the case of undercover financing and tax shields that were used in this case, Istrabenz actually received only a loan of 14 million where Istrabenz was undamaged, and the charge of these crimes was prescribed.

The fact that he is involved in the accusation of a builder, and that he himself executed only after the others, emphasized Golubić himself.


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