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As we approached slowly in the middle of the year, Huawei's new line of handsets began to expand. Like last year, Huawei also started this year with a new version of the smartphone P. This was followed by the P30 and P30 Pro, who were enthusiastic about the photographic capabilities and then the low-end phones Y6 and Y7. The last in line today is the P30 lite on the Slovenian market.

Anyone who closely monitors developments in the mobile scene will probably notice a slightly different Huawei strategy this year. Last year, when the current P20 series was released, the lite model first came on the market, but was followed by a "full" member of the P20 and P20 Pro family. Light therefore represented a conscious view of what lies ahead come over. We could also say that lite was a kind of demo version of the P series.

This year they took a different approach. The lite model is a good month for the P-series heads. Because that's not true, but still true, just as the phone's name tells us it's the "weaker" model in the P series. This year, it's Of course, the cheapest. That is why the P30 Lite does not compete with representatives of the stronger class, but a target for the middle class, which is the most widespread among users and in which the highest competition is consequently.

Although the most talked about on the most powerful phones is, in fact, the middle class is the one in which the true butcher massacre occurs if we lend a little the poetic words of our greatest poet. It's harder to convince users, but at the same time, genuine models in this segment generate the lion's share of the manufacturers' revenue. Users interacting with middle-class phones in particular are looking for reliable high-end phones that offer them as many useful features as possible without worrying too much about less important brands and features, for example, often featured on first-class phones line. Nothing is an easy task for manufacturers.

In recent years, the Huawei, Honor, Samsung and Huawei phones are at the forefront of this category. Those listed, honestly, raised the bar, and that made it a little harder for them to work. It's hard to innovate all the time, especially if you have to analyze the budget at all times. For example, Huawei and Samusng have brought a number of high-end phones to mid-range phones. Samsung OLED screens in its Galaxy A series, advanced cameras from Huawei. And in this spirit continues with the new model P30 lite.

Is this a premium class phone?

P30 lite started selling in Slovenia today, and in Computer News we put it to the test among the first. And that a week before the official sales start, so we could examine it thoroughly. Although the part of the name with the most distinguished representatives of the series P30 does not really have much in common with them. Well, at least not the most essential things. It has an almost identical image. Which is fine because it looks like a premium class rep. At first glance, the person does not really know whether to hold the P30 or the P30 in the hand, since the models are very similar to the outside. The P30 is extremely stylish with its sleek and glossy cover, large screen and triple camera. Everyone will turn after him. So if you want to have a phone that attracts enviable looks and leaves the crowd, then the P30 lite is definitely one of the best choices.

Players will be impressed by the screen size

The central unit of external work is a large screen. This diagonal is about 16 inches or 6.15 inches in a unit of measure most representative when the word runs on phones. That's all before a little. In fact, with size, two years ago, this phone would be one of the largest if not the largest screen. In practice, this means more than enough picture to enjoy videos and mobile games. Your eyes need not make any effort to get the details.

Of course, credit so it is not just about the size, but even more the quality of the image. The resolution of the image is as much as 2312 x 1080 pixels, and the pixel density is interrupted at 415 on the surface of one inch. In understandable language, this means a very clear image. Perfect for the multimedia content mentioned above then. We have to say that the quality of the picture with the phone of this class was quite amazing. The screen is not based on OLED technology, as in direct competition, but nothing. In the user experience, just the case appearance in practice, not what is in the background. In practice, the P30 Lite does not disappoint. If you do not have a tone of your image, you can also change some settings. For example, set a friendly tone of warm light. The only thing we lose is better lightness. In the sunlight, the distinction of the image disappears quickly and we need to find a shade for a good visibility of the details.

As mentioned, the screen is large and goes virtually to the edges of the phone itself, making the multimedia experience even more enjoyable, since you do not see the edge of the case. The casing is plastic and not vitreous, but even so it is well pretended to be of more precious materials. It also has a good side of the plastic, which has a slightly better grip and less slippery on the hand. With regard to exterior, we also mentioned a notch at the top edge of the screen. This is very small and practically undetectable, so it does not interfere with the disturbance in the image. It's just because the front camera is hidden. One should also give the phones with such a narrow edge.

Not the fastest, but meets the current requirements

Now we dive into the heart of the device. The phone does not control the sun's most powerful processor, but we did not even expect it in this class. His heart represents Kirin 710, which is more than just the most common mobile task. Yeah, he might get stuck here somewhere. For example, when we jump quickly from an application to an application, we are about to rest a little in the mean time to understand what we are instructing. Or, in the long run, playing more advanced games graphically, when the components get a bit warmer. And it's quick to get back to it if it takes a few minutes.

That's what we're going to say. The processor meets today's application requirements, but it is not a processor that will ensure quiet operation over the next five years. At least not for more demanding processes. In games, the Turbo GPU function is also useful, which increases the efficiency of data processing and, consequently, slightly reduces the pinch.

The phone is also equipped with 4 gigabytes of working memory and 128 gigabytes of internal memory. The latter ensures that you can store as many applications or documents as you want, and also the P30 lite also has a microSD memory card slot, so you can expand the amount of space available as needed. With regard to the battery, it is worth saying that it is being charged through the USB-C connector, which has not yet become a standard for some phones, otherwise the battery life is 3340 milliampere hours.

Surprisingly quality photos

Now the main element, camera or camera. Huawei P30 lite has a triple camera but with a note. The third lens is only meant to detect depth and capture high-quality portraits. The main lens features a high-speed 48MP sensor and also an ultra wide-angle lens with an 8MP resolution sensor. With it, you can capture more environments, what will happen to you on spacious plains, as well as in more enclosed spaces with little space. The ultra-wide-angle lens is definitely a big advantage in this price range as it is virtually untraceable in competitors.

The quality of the photos is very solid, maybe even better than we expected. Artificial intelligence also benefits from this, which may come in aid of further processing of the photograph. Consequently, sometimes the result is a little more artificial, but most of you will be impressed with the photos. They are sharp, colorful and have a good contrast. The phone also has the good selfi capture. When help is added to the enhanced scintillation, your face will appear to jump into a powder keg, so it may be best to turn it off. Except, of course, if you want to look like Hollywood in a photo. The front camera contains a 24 MP resolution sensor.

The most noble commoner?

When we pull the line, we can say quiet news that the Huawei P30 is one of the best if not the best phone in its price range. An affordable price will provide an excellent photographic experience, a great screen suitable for gaming and a contemporary design.


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