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At Adria Funeral Home: Lufthansa does not want to cooperate with Slovenia

While new suppliers are coming to Brnik and many pilots have already received new jobs, the government continues to look for a solution for the national carrier. Ownership cooperation has already been rejected by Lufthansa and, according to our information, by the Irish carrier City Jet. The only one persistently looking for a company to share ownership of the new airline is Tomaz Besek, CEO of BAMC.

The reunion with Lufthansa was due solely to the initiative and insistence of BAMC CEO Tomas Besk, who continued to believe in the idea of ​​a new Slovenian airline, while the government, with the Ministry of Finance at its head, said that because the long-buried financial unsustainability. Master Shepherd Zdravko Počivalšek He would not make any statement about it. "Let's talk inside the government first and then decide how to proceed."

A meeting of a group of former Adria employees is also showing that they are seriously looking for an investor in a Slovenian airline – they should talk to the Irish City Jet, but that cooperation should also fall into the water. In addition, in addition to all the millions lost, another six thousand euros, stored in a safe, have disappeared in recent days. It's about money given to pilots who flew to countries without a contract with Adria. The bankruptcy trustee reported the theft to the police, but he did not comment on the case.

Jože Pučnik AirportPHOTO: Miro Majcen

However, the pilots also performed today, for whom the black scene – Slovenia without a national carrier – is unacceptable. They insist that Slovenia urgently needs this if it is to maintain connectivity with the rest of Europe. However, the pilots also warn that the country will lose all Slovenian pilots if no solution is found soon. Of the 160 employees in Adria, almost 30 are expected to get a job abroad.

Pilots are convinced that the new company should be established as soon as possible, while Fraport, which operates the airport, advises the country to wait at least half a year. According to our information, the ministry is expected to meet with a new stakeholder in a joint partnership this Friday.

Bankruptcy proceedings amount to 685 thousand euros

Adria Airways' bankruptcy costs, according to the provisional pro forma invoice for the period from the beginning of the procedure to the publication of the opening report prepared by manager Janez Pustatičnik, total EUR 685,622. Most of it – 400,000 euros – goes to salaries and allowances for people doing business for bankruptcy purposes.

The Krai District Court found that for the bankruptcy process to proceed smoothly, the court had to accept the bankruptcy trustee's proposal before submitting the opening report, as stated in the order posted on the Ajpes website. The pro forma invoice, prepared for four months, is just an outline of these costs, which may change during the process.

"In addition, it is common knowledge that the present case is a bankruptcy proceeding of a company involved in a specific sector – aviation. Therefore, the company operated in an international environment with a large number of employees as well as partners business at home and abroad and related debtor obligations, as well as claims ", the court added.

Jože Pučnik AirportPHOTO: Miro Majcen

Pustaticnik has set aside 400,000 euros for salaries and allowances for people who will negotiate for bankruptcy purposes. These are the salaries of employees who conduct business for bankruptcy needs and are desperately needed. "Employees participate in the preparation of closing operations, in particular in inventory and asset inventory, in preparing final balances, recovering claims, regulating the information system and regulating the status of all employees." He explained.

For € 180,000 or € 45,000 per month is the cost of ownership where Adria Airways headquarters, information systems and warehouses were located abroad, where Adria had spare parts stored. There will be a surcharge of € 20,000 with Swiss staff.

Kranj District Court filed for airline bankruptcy on October 2, and the bankruptcy trustee began serving workers with termination of employment last Monday. Adria Airways has made approximately half of all flights at Jože Pučnik Airport, and after the bankruptcy some major airlines have replaced some major ones.

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