As of today, you can pay your mortgages via Viber


Via Viber, you can review your account balance, pay bills and earn money for your friends. But for now only if you are a customer of Addiko Bank.

Up to three-quarters of all Slovenians using smartphones have Viber installed on their devices. Slovenian users spend more than half an hour in this chat room every day and send more than twenty messages a day.

Especially thanks to the great popularity of this application, Addiko Bank decided to offer its customers the possibility of banking in the chat (banking chat).

Slovenia became five consecutive countries, where Viber and Addiko Bank joined forces. The service was first tested in Bosnia and Herzegovina, then introduced in Croatia, followed by Montenegro and Serbia.

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Via Vibra you can pay a payment, but only those you have in your online bank are saved as templates, meaning some kind of bookmarks. You can check the status and traffic in your account and send money to your friends in your phonebook.

For now, they do not allow the picture & pay service service, the reference numbers on the payment vouchers must be entered, but Addik administrators ensure that they are only the basic functionality of the application and that in the future you can also pay by assuming the QR code.

Activation is relatively simple. The online bank must first enable t. i. Chat Banking, confirm the request with an SMS and specify a PIN to confirm your requests in the Viber application.

For security reasons, the individual payment is limited to 30 euros and the total amount of all payments within the day is up to 100 euros.

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