Tuesday , October 19 2021

Argentina and Messi on the verge of disaster


Today, at 2100 hours, Argentina, who have disappointed and won just one point with Lionel Messi in the first two matches, played a decisive game for a breakthrough in the quarter-finals of the Copa Sudamericana in Brazil. Brazil, Venezuela, Chile and Colombia have already secured a top-eight finish.

Lionel Messi


The oldest and strangest football competition in the world begins



Lionel Messi after two failed finals in the last two South American championships, they have already been in pre-competition with Argentina since the competition, which would be a major catastrophe for the 2014 world championship.

The Argentines of Group B lost for the first time to Colombia, then again disappointed and in the case of a bad game, only scored against Paraguay, and now they are or will not be in the game before the game. Qatar, one of two South Korean tournaments, must defeat. It may be that the Asian champions, who will host the World Cup next year, will also be enough to win, since in the quarterfinals two of the three third division teams are also making progress, but that should not be invoked.

Messi may be the worst after the numerous bouts he had already experienced on the team's shirt before the 32nd birthday he will celebrate on Monday.

In the second game of the group, 100 percent of Colombia, which has already progressed, simultaneously played against Paraguay, currently in second place, which so far has accumulated two points.

Brazilians with five points in the top eight

On Saturday, they finished with a pre-qualification in Group A. The home team of Brazil, who finished with 5: 0, defeated Peru and won the first place with seven points. Venezuela beat Bolivia and secured second place. Peru are third, but have four points, so it proves very well to be promoted as one of the top two placed third.

The Brazilians, who were the first favorites of the competition, easily progressed among the top eight.

The Brazilians, who were the first favorites of the competition, easily progressed among the top eight.
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On Monday, they will conclude with a pre-qualification in Group C, which will end one of the main Uruguay and defender of the Chile title, which is 100% and has made progress. An Asian-born Indian from Japan, who has a point, will attack Ecuador, which still has no point, and she also hopes to make progress.

Brazil without Neymar, Argentina with Messi

In this year's South American Cup, there are 12 national teams, including two from Asia. They are Japan and Qatar, who this year won the Asian title and will host the World Cup next year.

The record holder is Uruguay with 15 titles, while Chile have won the last two championships. In the last two matches, Argentina reached the final twice but Messi, who had already lost four finals of major competitions, lost one penalty each.

South American Cup 2019, Group Stage

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