Apple PCs with iPhone Features


Borders between Personal Computers and Mobile Devices Apple is getting smaller every day.Borders between Personal Computers and Mobile Devices Apple is getting smaller every day.

Program Developers Apple for users personal computers they prepare a unique surprise that they will receive along with the next Operating System MacOS 10.15. The new operating system will allow them to benefit from a number of options or features that have been "reserved" for smartphones and iPads. Among them, the shortcuts are extracted Siri Shortcuts, which allows the creation of voice commands for operations performed by applications, which naturally streamlines and simplifies its use even more.

The next MacOS 10.15 operating system will also provide ScreenPad users with Apple personal computers to determine how much time they will spend on a specific task group, such as browsing social networks or playing videos on the YouTube web portal. Of course, this option will also be considered by parents, as they will be able to closely monitor the use of the personal computer by their children.

The new operating system macOS 10.15 will, among other things, facilitate the management of the Apple ID user account, simplify the sharing of applications purchased between family members through Family Sharing and a series of other graphical effects available so far only for users Apple's mobile. With this, Apple really indicates that the boundaries between personal computers and mobile devices will be gradually erased in the future.

Apple will release the new MacOS 10.15 for Macs at the June International Development Conference (WWDC). A few weeks after that, the news will be available for free to all users of the newest Apple PCs, absolutely free.


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