Another dangerous security vulnerability discovered in Intel processors!


Security vulnerabilities in Intel processors simply do not seem the end!Security vulnerabilities in Intel processors simply do not seem the end!

Security experts have already revealed two critical security shortfalls in modern processors that, once intruders have developed appropriate methods, have led to a host of new security incidents. These are security vulnerabilities, called Meltdown and Specter, that are present in almost all the modern processors developed in the last decade. Recently, security experts have revealed that processors have a business Intel other security vulnerability, who was appointed PortSmash.

The vulnerability of PortSmash is that Intel processors are vulnerable to so-called side channel vulnerability, and the process can gain access to data that must be protected. Unfortunately, this is not just a theoretical vulnerability, since security experts in GitHub's web portal have already published a code-based code that can be used to dispose of the OpenSSL private key of the TLS server. The new vulnerabilities can be avoided only by the exclusion of HyperThreading technology, which in practice is not easy to implement, since personal computers and servers lose much in performance.

At least for now, Intel has not yet revealed how it will fix the new security vulnerability in its processors. However, in a competitive AMD company, they are still considering whether their processors may also be vulnerable to PortSmash vulnerabilities. The first results of the investigation should be known in the coming weeks.


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