All conditions for storms have been met


Today it will be cloudy with clouds and storms, which will be more frequent in the middle of the day and in the afternoon. More powerful storm storms will also be possible. The highest daily temperatures will be from 21 to 27, in the region of Goriška and along the sea, around 29 degrees Césio.

Tomorrow will be variable to mostly cloudy, the more sun will be in the west. Particularly in the middle of the day and in the afternoon, there will be occasional local precipitation, partly storms, which will be less likely in the Primorska region.

In some places, the northeast part of the region will be blistered, while in the Primorska region there will be a breeze. The lowest morning temperatures will be from 12 to 18, the highest daily from 23 to 26, in the Primorska region at about 29 ° C.

There will be strong storms

There is a precipitous front over Italy from Italy.

There is a precipitous front over Italy from Italy.
Photo: Arso

Today, all the basic conditions for the formation of stronger storms, which in some places may create hail, heavy rains of stormy rain and violent floods, will be fulfilled during the day, according to

The highest level 3 risk is issued for parts of the interior of Croatia and the Far East of Slovenia, where the greatest danger will be hail, while the second level of danger applies to the rest of Slovenia, where there are also possible heavy rainstorms , gusts of wind and wind. hail locally thicker, they are adding.

Arso also received an alert today. The possible strong storms with storms, winds and hail will occur in the middle of the day, afternoon and night.

The start of the week is hot again.

On Monday and Tuesday, it will be sunny and warm again. Especially on Monday, the breeze will continue to blow in the Primorska region, while in the northeast, in some places elsewhere, it will be blowing.

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