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(photo: official club website)

Ajax have no laurel, it is still far from the Champions League final, but it is already in many ways the winner of the season. The world of football is enthusiastic, Johan Cruyff's ideas are still alive.

"Playing football is easy, playing simple football is one of the most difficult"said one of the most famous dictates of the late Dutch football Johana Cruyff. The man who decided Ajax, Barcelona, Netherlandsand, in many ways, football, too, globally. Cruyff has been searching all the time, both as a player and as a coach perfection. Hold the balls, move, shoot, shoot. Above all, Cruyff strives for perfection in terms of football intelligence and, his life opus is proof of that, has reached an enviable level. So even though his death has passed since he was three years old, he will remain forever.

Ajax in the 2018/2019 season (again) the rate in their footsteps. Not perfectly perfect, this will probably never happen, but it is an idealistic hunt football perfection, which Ajax carries out in its distinctive style (Cruyff), is what impresses the world of football.

Ajax game. Ajax likes that. Ajax overshadows. Ajax breaks. Ajax is simply new – Ajax.

Young, mainly national, talent-filled team with corrections in the form of specific and experienced players (Blind, Tadić, Huntelaar, Schone) is a success this season in Champions League. His progress in the semifinals of this competition was accompanied by the elements that Ajax, regardless of the deficiencies of resources in the institutional sense, correctly classified among football giants. These elements are opponents rallies, heroic and fearless performances in the guests, impressive duel with Bayern, Real and Juventus and two prestigious scalps (in Real and Juventus, Ajax were congratulated and admitted that the defeat was smooth) in the elimination of the League of Champions.

All this Ajax managed with a modest budget for this level, with a team that cost half less than, for example, Juventus has deduced Cristiana Ronalda and a coach who took over the team last season, who came to stay in the qualifiers for the Champions League. He succeeded with a clear idea and excellent performance, and an enviable harmony, we sometimes think that at the highest level of rigid football professionalism no longer exists.

The paths to success in football are different. Already in the 1970s, Ajax chose yours, aware of its limitations and advantages. In the meantime, she slept blindly and fell into serious trouble, but now she does it again, where she is the best. Ajax triumph in Turin (and earlier in Madrid) is proof that, in football, things are not necessarily determined in advance. That the field can "solve" many disparities. That the original idea and performance may exceed the multi-million dollar (shortcut) transactions in the football market. Ajax denied the world of football in which, as a rule, the most powerful (richest) win is won. Ajax has also given hope to football dreamers and romantics who do not allow the vast millions and billions that have plagued the most important European clubs in recent years to overthrow decades of nourished ideals and create an elitist elite. superligo.

Can you imagine a paradox, that is, a kind of super football league of the best European clubs (super football?) Without Ajax?


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