Airfare price: Have you paid too much?


STA / M.M. / 11/26/2018, 9:29

The EU is investigating suspected tampering in the aviation industry.

In the past, airline passengers have been able to afford inflated prices due to connivance within the aviation industry. Suspicion of illegal collusion was taken under control in Brussels and a formal investigation began.

An investigation launched by the European Commission focuses on two companies that allow passengers from all over the world to book air tickets, namely Amadeus and Saber.

My flight was canceled. What now?

Their systems collect information on flight schedules, seat availability, and ticket prices, and agents and travel agents allow companies to book tickets. The Commission suspects that such companies may restrict their customers to access to competition or hinder the entry of potential competitors into the market.

"We are concerned that such a restriction would disrupt innovation and increase the cost of tariff distribution, which would ultimately generate more expensive tickets for consumers."said the EU Commissioner for Competition Margrethe Vestager.

Flight Costs
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Respond to complaints

They have already informed the Spanish Amadeus that they will cooperate fully with the investigation. "The process will confirm that Amadeus's business is in compliance with all regulations"they wrote in the company and added that agencies have every right to choose between the company or the competition.

Saber, based in the United States, defends the terms of its contracts with airlines and travel agents, claiming that they promote competition in the market.


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