According to Levico signed: "On the one hand, this is a forced marriage"


Coalition partners, individually, without the presence of media headlights, have signed a cooperation agreement with Levica for this year. It is a plan of action for the implementation of commitments that are based on the coalition agreement. At the same time, some partners frankly acknowledged Levica's government dependence and special status as well compared to government parties.

Coalition partners expected the cooperation agreement with Levico to be signed before the next National Assembly decision on amending the law on the implementation of the state budget. According to the Council of the National Council, at least 46 votes are needed to reaffirm the amendment, while the coalition itself has 43 votes, which also depends on the votes of the opposition, in particular the Levice.

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While he is the leader of the LMŠ Brane Golubović in today's statement in the National Assembly said that the functioning of this coalition depends on all six partners, the leader of the SD Matjaž Han he admitted that from day one he was dependent on Levice, and the latter in the coalition also had absolutely "higher status" than SD. He likened this to quaint relationships with family relationships: "That little girl, who is at home, is not as good at home as she gets home every 14 days, but lunch is better …".

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Coordinator Levice Luka Moon today, in connection with an agreement with the government, he again highlighted the projects that Levica will take. According to him, this will be at the forefront of problems that have not been solved for many years or decades. He highlighted the housing policy, the elimination of overwork and the intention to abolish supplementary health insurance. "We have another year of government that will work for the benefit of the people, for the majority, for the prosperity of all, not just a handful" said in a statement to reporters in the National Assembly.

Head of the SMC Deputies Group Igor Zorčič according to the report's reporter WorldMihe Orešnik after the meeting after the session in the National Assembly, said: "On the one hand, it's a kind of forced marriage, but on the other hand, most things happened in the past."


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