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A new step for the commercial delivery of unmanned aircraft

Both automatic and water craft represent a novelty that opens up many organizational and safety issues. Photo: EPA

Company Wing During the test period, they delivered food, beverages and non-prescription drugs, and regulators carefully examined the effects of in-flight distributors on air safety. On Tuesday, the company officially received a license, which brings the status of the airline.

As explained in the Federal Air Traffic Administration (FAA), delivery with unmanned aircraft Ask questions related to security, noise and privacy. They are sure that they will Wing successfully addresses all challenges, but will be subject to strict oversight.

"The granting of a license that will allow delivery represents an important step for the integration of airlines into our economy" at the time of granting the license, the Secretary of State for Transport emphasized Elaine Floor.

Ordering products delivered by unmanned vehicles is via cell phone applications. Commissioned on an airplane, which then flies to destinations and loosens the package by means of a special rope in front of the house.
In the middle of the month is the company Wing A commercial license was also received in Australia, specifically for Canberra. The main difference with the Australian license is that they have to be an airplaneI over there piloted and not autonomous. Wing Flying travelers are also testing in Finland, where regulators are obviously not yet convinced.

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