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A game, two Slovenian stories: rise and shame


"This is a promising Slovenia. You do not get the 5: 0 result every day," after a qualifying victory over Latvia in Riga (5: 0), which preserves Slovenia in the fight for the European Championship 2020, said Matjaž Kek and squeezed a hand for this rival Slaviša Stojanović. After a great loss, he said he was ashamed because of the final script.

Slovenia, Latvia

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The first representative creator Josip Iličič He quickly forgot the cross that he scored in the 0-0 result in the fourth qualifying match for Euro 2020 in Riga. Soon after the shooting of his master, Домен Чернигой with two goals he rescued considerable and obviously the Slovenian power. Even before leaving for a holiday in the center, two goals were scored by Jojo himself. When all the reservists were not well placed behind the bench, the hug of the companions after the firecracker found Miha Zajc. "Maybe we could score another goal, but also with the result of 5: 0 we should be satisfied," Ilicčič complained after the game, pleased that his team-mates had defeated Celovško against Austria. "The fact is that Austria is not a modest national team, but we will continue to talk about it, and now we prove we can do it." We are still in the game and we are showing the true character, "said the 31-year-old.

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Slovenians with a great victory of Latvia

"Every footballer's dream"

With an even wider smile, Domen Črnigoj came from the locker room. For the first time in his career, he also rocked the network on the national team. First, he called his father, who accompanied the game in the national Koper. She did not hide the emotional carousel. Then he stepped forward before the seventh force. "These are the dreams of every football player, it is difficult to describe everything, many will never experience these feelings." "I'm happy." In the beginning, opportunities, now goals, this is a confirmation of good work and an incentive to work. "We are still in the game for the Euro, I believe that this game can lift us, we must fight in advance and win as many points as possible," said the 23-year-old midfielder.

Kek: Slovenia promising

Extensions of the sniper base, which would almost certainly include visibly motivated naked hunger Luko ZahovicThe selector was also happy Matjaz Kek. Even more responding to Friday's defeat in Austria. Before the hot September, this hope for Euro 2020 is even more pronounced, although the picker has the impression that, more than anything, it is a general picture with a long-term vision. "You do not score 5 goals every day," Mariborchan said gloomily on the bench. Kek said: "When I took over Slovenia, I learned what was going on in my life.This is a process that will continue to occur.In addition, when I took over Slovenia, during this period I will learn about the character of the players and the team" .

Petard without echoes

And just after only two points in the first games, a mild victory of the Baltic in the Slovenian camp did not bring euphoria, even in the Latvian camp, after the fourth consecutive defeat of the great disappointment was not felt. Partly due to realistic and modest expectations, and even more because of the legal attitude towards the selected type or football in general. In Riga, where they enjoy their basketball or hockey players, on the day of departure, they would be looking for some kind of announcement that would invite him to the game. Just before the game, but also in the streets around the athletics stadium, there was not even a twist. Acting is also appropriate. Obviously, who is the most troubled football state. Slovenian. Slavisho Stoyanovich, which was set up in a Latvian bank three months ago.

How will the Slovenes receive 0: 5?

"You know, in my country, after a defeat like that, I would be able to get on the road easily," Slave told Latvian journalists in an emotional monologue. Defeat defeated as a shame. "I also do not care.I can not lose in this way of the Slovenes, I assume my responsibility," he said and quoted a modest base of quality players available. But he is more disturbed by the lack of a representative cult. "The shirt of the selection should be the most important thing and I have to fight for it, I was in hockey and basketball games, I know people here can be passionate here, but … something is going to have to change. now I have not been successful in building a true representational spirit, "said the former Slovenian coach.

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Slovenia did something like this for the second time in history

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