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A cheating cop in a war with a disabled person


LJUTOMER – Castle Vardov (Oberluttenberg), built in the 13th century by the Archbishop of Salzburg for the defense of Ogri, run by the knights Ljutomerski, was once the seat of the Ljutomer mansion. Today, the castle, situated on a steep hill southeast of Ljutomer, above the village of Podgradje, is home to ordinary people who began to settle there after their deep renovation in the 80s. More than sixty people are in the castle , where there are 25 apartments in total, 16 are owners, and nine are owned by the municipality of Ljutomer, which is renting them.

Marjan Van (right) when she appeared on the show The farm is looking for the owner. PHOTO: PRO PLUS

After her, the husband and a cat of Maribor changed of wife Darko in Jelena Bukovec, neighborhood relations have intensified as regular visitors are police officers, and many courts work with many residents. Some neighbors "are constantly looking for medicines and disputes, they make many inventions, but I do not know why, because nothing was done to anyone. For every little thing, they call the police, charge fees and so on," says Bukovec . He firmly rejects all the complaints that some neighbors have imposed on his account, for which he has received many payment orders and criminal charges.

Bukovec thinks that for most of his problems, he is guilty Marjan Van, former police officer and participant in a realistic show, which we recently reported in Slovenska novica about her irregularities in the work at the Maribor Police Administration, where an extraordinary termination of the employment contract was declared.

David Bukovec and his wife Jelena have had problems with neighbors since their move. PHOTO: Oste Bakal

"Since we bought an apartment in the summer of 2012 and moved from Maribor, turbulence has started against us.We are facing problems all the time.They constantly report me to the police, they harass us, the same as our dog, who often photographs them They are not just a woman with a woman in the back of an organization in which some families are under the leadership of Marjane Van and who torments us but also some that do not adapt to them So it's not surprising that some people are quickly evicted from this facility We often visit police officers and there are no deficiencies in the courts Unfortunately no one can help us even if I complain I do not know why I'm played on the fifth Marjana Van, who is still harsh on us, despite her being a police officer. That is why she is also successful with police colleagues who constantly and they write sanctions against me, but when I denounce it, the police take action, but they never write a payment order for it. I have everything documented, "Bukovec explained.

groups of locals live in the castle.

He also told us that the inhabitants of the castle were divided into three groups: one to whom Marjan Van was to be taken, attacked by him, the other supposedly supported, the third neutral.

Vanova is preparing procedures

Bukovac is also concerned that neighbors write to Zdravstveni Lendava, where his wife works as a dentist. "They wanted to quit and write that they were late for work, to collect dog droppings with their hands and then to repair their teeth," explains Bukovec, adding that it is difficult to count how many times the police provided, how many payments orders, other measures were imposed against him, largely because of a dog, a German shepherd, without which he and his wife simply can not.

When I report, the police take action, but they never write a payment order.

On the other hand, relevant services – veterinary – have confirmed that the dog is socialized and not dangerous to the environment, while handling it properly, removing, etc. Our interlocutor is also angry with judges who can rely more on their opponents, above all the aforementioned Marjani Van. It is, however, gratifying that there are also higher courts that can revoke such cases and put them in the right place. The former Yugoslavian swimming champion receives a modest disability pension and would have to pay the penalties imposed by the security agencies, mainly because of a four-legged friend. Ultimately, Bukovec assured us that it would be easier if there were no "criminal" organization led by Vanova: "I do not know why it is always witnessed in virtually every court case, and there is always a lie against me."

We asked Vanovo to respond to numerous complaints, but after consulting her lawyer, she decided not to comment on the matter because she already knows all the lies of Darko Bukovec, who were supposed to be the basis for other proceedings against him in the News. . She only said that she had been defending several times before official bodies, from the police, the specialized prosecution to the courts and never had problems.

The case has turned
On Tuesday, May 28, he was brought before a labor and social court judge Mojco Dubravica the decision on Marjana Van's request to the Ministry of the Interior of the Republic of Slovenia or the police to return to the post of police officer and to pay the arrears, contributions and other liabilities of at least EUR 12 051. "It is visible here, with what kind of person I got involved, and of course, despite my clear arguments, I did not have the opportunity. Now the matter has been reversed and it will be confirmed that I am not to blame for the complaints that were improperly bribed in recent years, "he points out. Darko Bukovec, which barely awaits the decision of the Labor and Social Court in Maribor. It is assumed that the outcome of the procedures that are still awaiting and involving the former police officer depends on this Vanova.

Police provided expert interviews and consultation with residents, but all preventive measures were unsuccessful. President of the District Court of Murska Sobota Branko Palatin confirmed that several dozen requests for judicial protection were lodged in the Ljutomer District Court and several charges.

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