92-year-old Queen Elizabeth is taking a walk


The queen is very fond of driving. Photo: EPA

It is known that His Majesty, who will celebrate the honorable 93 years of April, will take advantage of the theft of his daughter.and rover, as well as the remaining vehicles on its own автопаркincluding jaguars. But now you just agree it might be time for someone to sit behind the wheel.

Sunday The Times reports that the decision was made on the advice of its security team, but is not yet ready to give up driving on private roads.

97 years old Prince Philip he left the company after the time of January with his land rI'm checking caused the traffic accident in which your vehicle is completely flipped over, but he took it alone without scratches.

Prince Philip had to give up his ride at age 97. Photo: AP

The Duke of Edinburgh was to blind the strong winter sun when he drove on a road near the queen's estate. Sandringham in Norfolk, while he scored in kioBesides the driver, his mother and son were in that car.

Driver, 46 years old Emma Fairweather, collapsed the pulse in the collision and had to insert an aluminum plate.

Prisoner without seat belt

Only a few days later they are paparazzi got the queen, how close are they? Sandringham rides without a seat belt. And two days later, Prince Philip was captured without a belt, causing him to receive a police warning. Shortly after, they reported from the palace that the prince would stop driving.

The Queen is the only person in the UK who can drive without traffic permission on public roads. She never took out the driver's license because – then the British legislation – the driver's licenses are issued in her name.

Your Highness does not even need plates – a privilege your family has a right to.

The queen learned to drive in 1945, after training in military center.


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