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10 student clubs boycotted the Škis market after last year's disappearance

Last year's disappearance of more than € 70,000 after the Škis market was obviously the belief of some student clubs in the leadership of the Slovenian Student Club Union. According to Radio Student, 10 clubs have decided to boycott the market this year due to more information about the event. In defense, they only follow police recommendations.

The Škis market boycott in 2019 was announced by 10 student clubs in eastern Slovenia claiming that last week press releases and statements from employees on the Škis market received completely opposite information about the entire event, presented to them by the authorities. Association of Slovene Student Clubs (Škis).

The student boycott of the Škis market in 2019 was announced by 10 student clubs from eastern Slovenia, including students from Club of Carinthian, Club of Maribor, Club of Ormož, Club of Prekmurje, Club of Ptuj, Student Club of Lendava, Ruš, Selnica and Lovrenc Club of Students Slovenska Bistrica, Slovenske gorice Student Club and Klinka Youth and Student Club, report to Radio Študent.

"The union, which should connect all the student clubs in Slovenia and which highlights its integrity, good communication, transparency and confidence among its values, disappointed at least 10 of its members," he said.the club's response is indicated by the radio student.

To complaints about the disclosure of information on the disappearance of € 70,667.70, the President of the Škis Association Nina board told STA that as soon as they received the police information that they had delivered the case to the prosecutor's office, they informed the internal public and held regional sessions.

"Before that, the clubs were not informed just because of the police recommendation and the effectiveness of the investigation. The investigation is still pending, the prosecution also informed us that the case has not yet been concluded," he added. the disclosure of the information was explained by the President of the Škis Association.

The Škis market boycott in 2019 was announced by 10 student clubs in eastern Slovenia.PHOTO: Jure Rejec

According to Plankova, she is always open to clubs for constructive criticism and suggestions, and they were already in contact with them before publishing a contribution to Radio Študent. Immediately after the Škis market, they have, among other things, the purpose of completely redesigning the communication strategy with student clubs. Representatives from all Slovenian clubs will be invited to renew. Together with them and experts in this field they intend to prepare "A document with a quality base and aim to improve the level of communication".

"We are working to accept your proposals because we take this seriously and want to create a next step, or the development of the Škis Alliance together with the clubs" she said.

Disappointed clubs required, among other things, to be a federation "through its operation, it returns to its values ​​with which it should really care for all its members and the well-being of the students in Slovenia".

The president of the ski association Nina Plank says that immediately after receiving information from the police, they handed the case over to the Public Prosecutor's Office, informed the internal public and conducted regional sessions.PHOTO: POP TV

Stankov assured STA that the Skis association is implementing all its projects and activities for the benefit of Slovenian students and students, adding that through the Slovenian Student Organization, they actively participate in changes in national legislation regulating social status and access to students and students.

"Since being president of the ŠKIS Association, I can guarantee that my work is transparent and focused on improving relations with clubs, so we have also used more frequent regional sessions and after the Škisova market we intend to redefine the Communication Strategy with student clubs . " pointed Plankov.

According to her, with the exception of these 10 clubs, for similar reasons, no other club has canceled its presence at Škisova marketa 2019. Clubs have the chance to present their activities in the club, in their field, to take advantage of and participate in the event. are present, or they are only there as visitors. "It is clear that the goal of the Škis Association is to involve all Slovenian student clubs in the Škis market" she said.

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