Sunday , March 7 2021

Zoot has a debt of several million euros. He asked for protection from creditors.

The largest online clothing store in Chechnya – Zoot is in trouble. The company demanded on Wednesday protection from the creditors of the Prague Municipal Court, and the company was satisfied. Thus, your commitments will not have to be repaid by the end of April. The information was first brought to the server.

In the documents he submitted to the court, the company said it owed a total of 472 million crowns (18.3 million euros), of which almost a third were overdue for more than 30 days. The company's cumulative loss by the end of June is expected to reach 473 million kronor.

Four large lenders agreed to the plan, which together hold 50.9% of the company's shares. As HN reported in mid-January, Natland joined the company's rescue effort. It bought receivables and other partners from Raiffeisenbank, in particular from Zootek suppliers, worth 150 million kronor. (€ 5.8 million)

The management has already been invited by the external consultant Lukáš Uhl with the experience of the delivery service, in agreement with the current shareholders of Zoot, "We let food" and Robert Vojáček, known in the taxi Liftago or in the start of Lidskásí

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