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With these three vitamins, you will first defeat the coronavirus. We will advise you where to get them

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With the current pandemic coronavirus we’ve been fighting for several months. Some are actively avoiding the virus, others, unfortunately, have already overcome it. COVID-19 has health consequences, breathing problems, shortness of breath, muscle pain, fever, etc. Long-term problems are still at the stage of scientific research, muscle weakness or fatigue can appear for a long time.

As with any disease, the immune system gets busier. At the beginning of the disease it is necessary to support and stimulate it. In the later phase, when it becomes excessively excessive, to the excessive activity of the immune system, it is necessary to suppress it.

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Immunity they have different children and adults. For example, a child’s immunity is easier to overcome. Support for immunity is again necessary during the recovery period for the system to start functioning according to the needs of the body.

What is the effect of stress, sleep and diet on the immune system? “It is certainly true that long-term stress, insufficient rest and exercise contribute to the poor functioning of the immune system. If you want your body to work, you have to find a certain balance in it, “says immunologist Miloš Jeseňák.

You can watch the interview with Jeseňák about the immune system here:

According to the immunologist, how can you strengthen your immunity:

– sufficient vitamin D, C and zinc

– healthy food

– regular exercise

– smoking restriction

– enough sleep

– stress reduction

Vitamin D

This will help you with muscle fatigue, moodiness, fatigue and joint pain Vitamin D. The easiest way to extract it from nature is to expose your skin to sunlight. Sometimes, you can start your creation by visiting the solar system.

Foods that contain vitamin D.

Foods that contain vitamin D. Photo: bitt24 /shutterstock.com

You can also get it from food according to the bety.cz portal. It can be found in large quantities in fish (salmon, sardines, fish liver oil), internal organs, eggs, meat, yeast, cocoa, vegetable fats and oils, mushrooms or in dairy products and milk. You can easily get your form of orange or oat juice and cereal.

The third alternative is vitamin tablets, solvents and drops.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is also a great help to strengthen immunity. During the flu period, we have taken more since time immemorial, thus improving our immunity.

We can get the maximum amount of vitamin C in our strawberry and currants fruits. Citrus fruits like kiwi, orange, papaya, lemon, tangerine and grapefruit juice are rich.

Darts are also an interesting food. They contain almost ten times more vitamin C than lemons. That’s why you should use the current curfew for a nature hike and tear and dry some of those arrows.

You can learn more about miracle arrows here: Diseases can be prevented without medication. During autumn, nature can also strengthen immunity

However, few people associate the acquisition of vitamin C with vegetables. Its high content is Brussels sprouts, peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage and tomatoes.


Zinc is always associated with strong nails and beautiful hair for women. The truth is that it is also extremely important for immunity. It is most often found in liver, nuts, egg yolk, cocoa, pumpkin seeds, whole grains, vegetables, beef and lamb and oysters.

How to process these vitamins?

The easiest way to process fruit votamins is to eat a smoothie regularly. You can also use frozen fruits there, so feel free to use strawberries and currants from your garden and combine them with fruits from the store.

Recipes for various juices can be found here: Fruit and vegetable juices will start you off: at four, we improve ourselves with vitamins

You can prepare vegetables in several ways, the easiest way is to cut them all, place them on a baking sheet, sprinkle with oil and bake. This will give your body a vitamin pump.

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