Saturday , October 23 2021

Windows 10 will tell users why your device has not been upgraded to the latest version of the system


On operating system devices Windows 10 is already receiving the latest version of the system labeled May 2019 Update (designation 1903). After more difficulties in updating, Microsoft decided to distribute the update more consistently to avoid the problems that occurred during the last update. October 2018 Updates. As part of the distribution measures, Microsoft has decided to implement a new alert within the system Windows Update. Reported on this by the most recent external portal of Windows.

Informing the user

Windows Update, as well as the Update Wizard, will let users know why the device can not be automatically updated to the latest version of the system. Thus, users no longer need to worry that the system is not easily delivered to the device. The classic approach is that if the selected devices are not already upgraded, Microsoft will distribute the update to these devices completely, which is why the average user has no idea that a new update is available.

Source: Windows Latest

However, users are not currently notified on all devices. However, if you're on the device, you'll see not only very visible information about future updates, but you'll also be able to directly access the Microsoft website through the grouped line to know exactly why the device is not yet ready for software updates. .

Microsoft prefers older devices

While most of the more powerful computers have already received updates in May, older or less powerful devices have not been updated so far. In this device category, Microsoft will initially prefer to use devices with an earlier version of Windows 10, primarily devices of April 2018, as part of the distribution. Devices running on the not very successful version of October 2018 will also receive updates.

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