Will they receive compensation? In the Czech Republic for wrong VW up to 8 500 €


The court verdict in the Czech Republic can help thousands of Volkswagen owners who were affected by the dieselgate case. However, the German concern has not yet said the last word.

The Dieselgate case was arguably the biggest car scandal in recent years. He even overcame the fault of Takata's airbags, which in the past enjoyed a renowned menu. The gigantic financial consequences of the Volkswagen scandal, which exceeded 27 billion euros, may not be final. Czech consumers are also concerned about fairness.

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Through Safe Diesel, which represents 2,435 VW owners damaged, we learned that Volkswagen had lost the race with car owners because it had not commented on the claim of ownership of the time. Therefore, the court granted thousands of fraudulent software owners and each of them could be entitled to a compensation of approximately EUR 8,500 (CZK 220,000).

Frantisek Honsa, a representative of Safe Diesel, said it was a breakthrough in the European part of this case because it is the first hit of consumers injured in a European lawsuit. Compensation corresponds to the one voluntarily paid by VW in the USA. In addition to an amount of approximately EUR 8,500, it also offered the possibility of repairing or repurchasing cars with modified aggregates.

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For now, consumers do not win. The Volkswagen Group has stated that it will appeal the decision of the Prague Court, which has not yet been validated. In addition to the first 2,435 prosecutors, Safe Diesel is also bringing together more than 7,000 injured consumers. Damage is not yet a concern for the problem, the courts will negotiate compensation in the fall.


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