VIDEO: President Detva Ľupták met the punishment for the incident with Samuel Bucek


Last week

The chairman of the Slovak Hockey Club HC 07 Detva and member of the SłLH Executive Committee Róbert Ľupták knew the punishment for the incident with striker Nitra Samuel Bucek after the 55th round of the 55th round of the Tipsport League 2018/2019.

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According to Pro-Hockey director Richard Lintra, the club owner was fined € 1,000 after beating Nitra under Polana 3: 1. Ľupták verbally attacked Nitra during an interview with reporters in the area of the mixture.

"A fine of EUR 1000 is imposed on this case. Based on my communication with the head of the Detvian Club, I can confirm that he is very sorry, and I hope he will soon be giving his opinion on this situation." Lintner told a news conference on Thursday before the game began.



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