VIDEO: Ján Laco imitated Ján Lašák and saved Košice


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For Košice ice hockey players, the quarter-final series with Poprad did not develop favorably. After three consecutive losses, they had a knife in the neck. From the second duel, the shrine is protected by goalkeeper Ján Laco, which was the first championship of the season.

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He proves his qualities again and helps Kosice en route to a sensational turn. After winning 5: 1 in Poprad, they got a home game. They won 4: 3 after the overtime. Ján Laco also helped with a remarkable intervention during the second period in 1: 1.

So he imitated a bit in the presentation of another Slovak goalkeeper. Ján Lašák in the semi-final in 2002 sensationally captained the Swedish striker and saved the Slovak hopes that ended at the highest level.

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