VIDEO: Ice Hockey World Cup in 2019: Slovaks advanced to the semifinals after a huge drama with Italy


today 19:00

Members of the Slovak ice hockey team advanced to the semi-finals of the ISBHF World Championship in Kosice (14-22 June).

Duel Slovakia – Italy, you can watch ONLINE at Š >>

In the quarterfinals quarter-finals on Thursday, he beat Italian players with the tightest gap of 3: 2 and could win gold medals in the last three world championships.

Slovak hockey players vie for the semifinals on Friday against Canadian players. The opening bulls at the Steel Arena in Kosice are scheduled for 17:30.

Men's Ice Hockey World Championship – Quarter-Finals – Thursday Result:

Slovakia – Italy 3: 2 (1: 1, 1: 0, 1: 1)

goals: 7. Martinusík (Piják), 20. P. Svitana (Martinusík, Piják), 39. Martinusík (Rampáček, Piják) – 2. D & E Ettore (Tedesco), 43. Pance

SR Set: Polc – Salajka, Minarik, Blue, Bujdak, Horvath L., Doskocil, Gajdos, Glazier – Martinus, Pijak, Rampacek – Teplicky, P. Svitana, Oravec – Bozik, Rufati, Liptak – Poliacek, Tomka, Vozar

The house staff did not start well. After 82 seconds, Massimo D'Ettore, who received a lot of space, picked him up in front of the goal and beat Patrol Polc. The Slovakians were able to respond even in the first third, when Jaroslav Martinusík doubled in close proximity.

After 20 minutes, Mojmír Hojer's lead came on for the first time. Patrik Svitana finished in the power game. In the 39th minute, the paper favorites seemed to have broken the opponent's opposition with a third straight shot. After a fine combination, Martinusik scored again, but the Italians retreated in less than four minutes. Daniel Pance found a ball bouncing on the back of the cushion and swung half of the net. Ice hockey players from the Apennines Peninsula still canceled the goalkeeper in the closing seconds but failed to match the powerplay.

Voice (source: RTVS):

Mojmír Hojer (Slovakian hockey player): "It was a very difficult match, in which we had to turn the board, we were eliminated unnecessarily many times, which cost us a lot, but I think we have given the best possible performance in the current climate." because the Italians have fast attackers and runners, which we did not do, but we improved gradually, I was also afraid of the power of the opponent, but the players managed to do so because of their dedication. We should be faster, more creative and avoid mistakes in the semifinal against Canada. "


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