VIDEO Hockey League Tips Tips: HK Dukla Trenčín


goals: 12. Ölvecký (Bartovič, Holenda), 58. Ölvecký (Bartovič, Hecl) – 7.P.Valent (M.Surov), 26. Ščurko (Puliš), 35.Mercček (Hraško, Puliš), 56. Gašpar, V 4: 7, power play: 0: 1, weakness: 0: 1, chosen by: Baluska, Babic – M. Orolin, Sipos, 2673 spectators.

Trenčín: Valent – Rýgl, Luža, Bohunický, Holer, Blacksmith, Frühauf, Niko – Radivojevič, Sojčík, O.Mikula – Bartovič, Ölvecký, M.Hecl – T.Varga, Bližňák, Sadecký – D.Hudec, J.Švec, Pardavý ml . – Spenkovic
Detva: Petrík – Gachulinec, Mart.Chovan, Hraško, Sládok, Šimon, F.Fekiač, Hedera – Puliš, Murček, Ščurko – Gašpar, V.Fekiač, Mart.Žaloga – Z.Král, P.Valent, Giľak

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04. 11. 2018, 5:00 p.m.


1: 1, 0: 2, 1: 1

Pavel Demiter Winter Stadium


Objectives and Assistants: 12. Ölvecký (Bartovič, Holenda), 58. Ölvecký (Bartovič, Hecl) – 7.P.Valent (M.Surov), 26. Ščurko (Puliš), 35.Mercček (Hraško, Puliš), 56. Gašpar, V Fekiač). judge: Baluska, Babic – M.Orolin, Sipos.


Valent, Šimko – Rýgl, Luža, Bohunický, Holová, Kovář, Frühauf, Niko – Radivojevič, Sojčík, O.Mikula – Bartovič, Ölvecký, M.Hecl – T.Varga, Bližňák, Pardavý ml. – Spenkovic

TV List:

Petrík, Riečický – Gachulinec, Mart.Chova, Hraško, Sládok, Šimon, F.Fekiač, Hedera – Puliš, Murček, Ščurko – Gašpar, V.Fekiač, Mart.Žaloga – Z.Král, Mat.Chovan, Tibenský – M. Cru, P. Valten, Giulak

to recover

She is taking advantage of the three points she has earned. After the Banská Bystrica scale, she earned points with her sophomore finalist. The worst turn was the second time.

59:58 min

Exclusion in team Dukla Trenčín (Švec – 2 min., Rugosity).
Exclusion in team HC 07 Detva (Tibenský – 2 min., Roughness).

59:58 min

Trenčania loses the ball and flews from the stands.

59:38 min

At 18:33, the house bank was fired, now taking unnecessary time, it's too late. Valent remained on the bench.

59:05 min

Bartovič penetrated the band, well played in the second wave Fruhauf, but Dukla defender of the circles did not defeat the defending players.

58:05 min

Prepared back to the puddle of blue, Valent had a clear view, so he punched the disc.

57:29 min

Current exclusion:
Exclusion in Dukla Trenčín (Radivojevič – 2 min., Roughness).
Team exclusion HC 07 Detva (Martin Chovan – 2 min., Roughness).

57:29 min

Radivojevič tried to get in front of the goal then the defender grabbed his face as the domestic captain resounded and started to Martin Chovan in the mantinel with fists. There were only two main players who were eliminated and 4 of 4 continued.

57:07 min

Trenčín scored!
PETER ÖLVECKÝ showed a good job with a disc, crossing several players and shuffling the goalkeeper, so he ended up at the gates open.
Assistants: Milan Bartovič, Marek Hecl

56:39 min

Holenda's blue wound was imprecise and just hit the back plexiglass.

56:10 min

Giľak skillfully played the defending player, but he did not shoot exactly from the right circle.

55:30 min

Detva gave a goal!
RASTISLAV GAŠPAR was able to make an impressive rush past the sluggish Šimon, The defense of Trenčany was completely decided and did not cover the players of the band.
Assistant: Martin Šimon, Viktor Fekiač

54:50 min

Trenčani increased the attack effort but missed his hockey.

54:01 min

Even the second power-ups formation of the domestic hue did not show anything of world-class, and the Detva challenges without major problems.

52:55 min

Long intervals, but only one shot, Olvecký made a circle between the circles.

52:10 min

Exclusion in team HC 07 Detva (Murček – 2 min, Dangerous game with high stick).

51:43 min

The blue groove was outside the gates.

50:29 min

What is simple, they now showed the Detva home team, Tibensky held the disc, hoped Matus Chovan find a good pitch and beat him, but the kick was well visible and covered between Valent's rings.

50:07 min

House in full.

49:47 min

Rana Gachulinca was inrus way to knockout the field of attack.

48:44 min

The guests are complete and will play a shortened power play.

48:05 min

Exclusion in Dukla Trenčín (Bartovic – 2 min., Hooking).

48:05 min

Polis was slightly addicted to Bartovič and Trenčania lost power.

47:23 min

Radivojevič's kick from the blue was blocked, Fruhauf then did not hit the disc in a good position.

46:44 min

Team exclusion HC 07 Detva (Gachulinec – 2 minutes, illegal defeat).

46:44 min

Radivojevič overturned in the two-player power play for Dukla.

46:34 min

The game of Dukla's evil in the game of power, full of imprecision.

45:17 min

Exclusion in HC 07 Detva team (Murček – 2 min., Kick-off).

42:14 min

The guests are in full.

42:13 min

Varga from the right circle wanted to hit the top corner of the goal but missed a few inches.

42:45 min

Mikula did not hit the turn between the circles, then Luže kicked blue for the goal, but Petrik attributed another successful operation.

42:56 min

Trencians lost most of their forces settling in the band, spoiling Varga's passing and losing the band.

42:14 min

The visiting goalkeeper weakened his team because the Sojčík team, who tried to reach the goal.

42:14 min

Exclusion in team HC 07 Detva (Petrík – 2 min., Chopping).

41:30 min

The band's hosts with the puck are not speculating, even now Tibensky shot from the angle and forced Valenta to surgery.

40:28 min

The shot from Martino Chovan was red to Valentine, who put it out of danger.

40:01 min

The third third began.

In the second third, the home team did nothing good, on the contrary, Detva won a two-goal lead and was close to three points. The first hit fell into weakness, the other on the other hand, in the 5th to 3rd power, the team under Polana will defend the victory?

40:00 min

The second third is over.

39:30 min

The game continues to resemble a home-based attempt to tackle disputes due to inaccuracies, as does the attentive Detva player.

37:52 minutes

Fruhauf himself exported the disc, but he lost it in the mantel, and the crowd was forced to count. Ščurko pulled the attack to the left, Bohunický stepped in to prevent a team-mate from passing, Ščurko tried to surprise Valenta, who did not completely cover the space, but managed to dislodge the puck.

37:00 min

Holenda caught the puck in the attacking area and tried to send it to the goal after defending the defender to end in the safety net.

36:31 min

House in full.

35:29 min

Detva continues with the classic power game, but can not join the band yet.

34:43 min

Detva gave a goal!
Finally, the goal is also at the displaced gates. The two-handed play-off of the two players, therefore, the guests expressly took advantage of the rapid combination, MICHAL MURČEK scored a goal, assisted by Hrako and Puliš.
Assistance: Peter Hraško, Radovan Puliš

34:43 min

The guests were well matched and the shot went to valenta helpless. The home keeper, however, kicked the goal, maybe just before the puck crossed the line of goal. You have to confirm the video.

34:30 min

85 seconds of 5-in-3 power play for guests.

34:30 min

Exclusion in Dukla Trenčín (Bartovic – 2 min., Hooking).

33:56 min

Exclusion in Dukla Trenčín (Rýgl – 2 minutes, illegal defeat).

33:27 min

Bartovič took advantage of his speed, leaving Ölvecký, who fired violently behind the circles, and Petrík shifted the disc to his shoulder.

31:52 min

Detva settled down in the zone of attack, Hraško sent a blue disc to his goal, Valent hid in the trap.

30:55 min

Shimon had a great body with the sojcik infiltrated. Dukla can not be pushed now.

30:21 min

The bull was holding the disc for a long time, then attacked it and lost it. Giľak made a brilliant pass and he could not keep using it for more mistakes.

29:21 min

Nowhere is a good obstacle now and does not leave the pressure of homework. They play very imprecise and convulsive.

26:50 min

After the end of Trencin's attack, they threatened a goal, and Rýglov's blue kick made Petrík leave.

25:51 min

Detva gave a goal!
Dukly's pass in the lead gave the guests a chance, and LADISLAV ŠČURKO was crouched in Puliša's pass, and from the left circle he took the disc under his hand, the goalkeeper failed to do the ideal and while lying down, the disc could not get it.
Support: Radovan Puliš

24:35 min

Team exclusion HC 07 Detva (Slade – 2 min., Chopping).

24:15 min

With a good play, the Trencans were now holding their opponents in the defensive zone, Varga finished between the circles, but did not beat Petrik.

10:11 a.m.

Hudec fired the attacker's attack after falling after a fight with a painful grimace but after a break he managed to get on the bench.

9:48 min

Host response, Slakdo from Mantinelu sent a disc to his goal but none of his teammates could make a good blow to the goal. He then shot Hraško's second wave, but only until Wednesday, where Valent was ready.

20:55 min

(A). (A) in accordance with the procedure laid down in Article ‧ of Regulation (EC) No ‧ / ‧ of the EC Treaty;

20:01 min

The second third began.

In the first third we saw hockey quite open, the guests took the lead after the defeat of Dukla, Trenčania had a lot of scoring opportunities, only the Olvecký pole was taken. Valent had to intervene after a few attacks from the opponent, but at the end of the third he eliminated all Gašpar.

20:00 min

The first third is over.

19:01 min

Good replacement for Detva, the guests could be in third place, Yaloga won in front of the goalkeeper Gašpar, who tried to overtake Valenta with a bluff, but he did not reach the goal through the goal of the home.

18:05 min

Ölvecký got rid of the last defender, who then undermined the stick and unbalanced him. However, as the home striker did, he did not lose.

5:40 p.m.

The guests are in full.

17:30 min

Hecl did not miss a shot between the circles and Varga did not stop at the bar.

4:25 p.m.

Radivojevič crossed his cross passport to Sojčík, who fired from the first, but Petrík could prepare his attempt to cover up his body.

3:40 p.m.

Team exclusion HC 07 Detva (Ščurko – 2 min., Hooking).

15:00 min

The wave of blue flowed between the circles of Bližňák, the disk changed direction and Petrík had something to do to shave it.

14:10 min

Radivojevic's pass to the center of Kovář was not used, but the disc returned to the blue for Fruhauf, his kick flew through the gates.

13:00 min

Bohunický wanted to hit the first puck but did not hit the stick, he tried to use Gašpar immediately to escape. But Bohunický managed to come back well and pushed him out before the shot.

12:25 min

The Trencin players are now actively playing, capturing the Blue Ridge record in the band and trying to send it forward, but eventually the disc flew just to the left.

11:54 min

Trenčín scored!
Matúš Holenda got the ball in the middle of the field, leading him to attack, supported by several teammates. In the area of ​​Holenda, Bartovič defeated Bartovic, who was ready to shoot, Petrík beton pushed the disc in front of him, where PETER ÖLVECKÝ was the first.
Assist by: Milan Bartovič, Matúš Holenda.

10:15 min

Bližňák's attempt from the left circle was revealed again by goalkeeper Detva.

09:47 min

The huge mine of Martin Chovan, who won the belt of his own belt, was at Bartovič goal. Neither Bartovič nor Hecl, however, did not renounce Petrik.

08:05 min

Radivojevič kicked out of the circles, the puck left behind his kick in front of the goalkeeper, where Sojčík wanted to clear the open gate, Petrík still kicked the concrete, which the disc could cover.

06:55 min

Gachulinec scored a goal in the second wave of attack, from the corner and threatened goalkeeper Dukla.

06:07 min

Detva gave a goal!
A huge dug in the Dukly kick, the guests captured, Raw saw PETRA VALENT, in which after the pass was yawning an empty gate.
Assistance: Maroš Surový

05:42 min

Trenčín threw the substitution into the tackle zone, but the guests pushed for the mantinel.

04:20 min

After winning the bull, he wanted to send the disc to the goal Martin Chovan.

03:20 min

Reducing Dukla, Hecl had a puck on the left side, Bartovič had a free hand, but decided to surprise Petrik – to no avail.

02:30 min

The blue toy did not defeat the defending player, but did not give up. He tried unsuccessfully for the second time, then the third time. But all the attempts ended equally.

01:55 min

Matúš Chovan pushed the ball and the ball went wide, but the ball went wide.

00:50 min

Murcek fired from his left wing, the disc flying straight into the right jar.

00:30 min

Rýgl had a disc in front of him and straightened himself in a shot in the right circle, followed by an astonishing passage surprised Mikulu's recipient before the gate.

00:01 min

The meeting just started.

Introductory Assemblies:

Dukla Trenčín: Valent, Šimko – Rýgl, Luža, Bohunický, Holová, Kovář, Fruhauf, Niko – Radivojevič, Sojčík, O.Mikula – Bartovič, Olvecký, M.Hecl – T.Varga, Bližňák, Pardavý ml. – Spenkovic

HC 07 Detva: Petrík, Riečický – Gachulinec, Mart.Chova, Hraško, Sládok, Šimon, F.Fekiač, Hedera – Puliš, Murček, Ščurko – Gašpar, V.Fekiač, Mart.Žaloga – Z.Král, Mat.Chovan, Tibenský – M. Cru, P. Valten, Giulak

judge: Baluska, Babic – M.Orolin, Sipos.

The Tipsport League has the last lap on the program before the break, Seven Dukla, Detva Detva, will want to make a good mood before the break, but only one team will be satisfied after the game.

Trenčania has the same points as the sixth Nitra but the worst score in general they have the best defense of the competition when they only collected 40 goals in 21 games but on the contrary they are in the dozens of productivity, opponents only scored 51 goals, the worst is only Detva 48 hits. For the last five games, the Oremus coach's winners have scored two wins, two defeats and one shot after the attacks. On Friday they played a long match at Zvolen, but by the end of the second third they won three times in a short time and sat their rivals on a horse. In the final 2-4, Varga and Bližňák corrected. The most productive player of the team is captain Branko Radivojevic with 19 points (6 + 13), Milan Bartovič is the best shot with 9 hits.

Detva has the weakest attack in the competition, as already mentioned. Even the team defense under Poľany is not the strongest, he collected 67 times, more goals were scored only by three of Zilina, Budapest and Miškovec. In the last five duels, Turkey scored 4 points when they lost three points, one point from a draw in the Budapest base season, three points clear at home with Banská Bystrica on Friday when Deštvian's team with Ščurka and Giľak, won by 2×1. The most productive player on the team is Radovan Puliš, who has 18 points (7 + 11). Ladislav Ščurko has minus three (5 + 10).

In the first mutual game on the ice of Detva, Dukla Trencin won 4-2, scored Bartovič, Sojčík, Radivojevič and Denis Hudec, Murček and P.Valent.

Welcome to the online broadcast. The meeting will begin at 5:00 p.m.


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