Sunday , October 24 2021

Toyota stamped on gas: This will make your electric cars look like!


Electric cars from Toyota
Electric cars from Toyota

Japanese car maker Toyota has announced that it is accelerating the development and preparation for the arrival of its electric vehicles. In addition, it has also released several renderings, where we have a unique opportunity to see how the four-wheel news will look.

To be easily recognizable, they all pick up the pieces futuristically bodywork converted square curves. As a result, we will know for the first time what type of vehicle it is. But we do not know at the moment when they want to officially introduce them.

As one of the managers of the major car manufacturers revealed, approximately half of sales Toyota should do for five years they consist of cars in electricity. Originally, it was only a year later 2030, but they do not have much time. Competition is becoming increasingly dangerous. Therefore, there is nothing else to stamp on "gas".

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Toyota Electric Cars

The gap between capacity and need

However, to keep up with expected demand, they must ensure that all major components are in place, including drums. Otherwise, they will not be able to continue production and, as a result, they may lose a significant part of the newly emerging market segment. They say that their current production capacity is not enough.

"We have considered ourselves a battery manufacturer for electric vehicles since we developed the Prius battery. But there is a gap between how much we can produce and how much we need. " said in the announcement of Margo Shigeki Terashi, Executive vice president of a renowned Japanese company.

Because of this, they two Chinese companieswhich are focused on battery manufacturing. Is about Amperex contemporary technology and BYD.

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