Totally stuck in a marquee voice: First he wanted to turn and then … Rancores because of the excess weight!


During the filming of one of the episodes of the vocal show The Voice Czech Republic Slovakia, there was a fair trap. After the competitor's adolescence, all coaches with the coach turn to the competitor and, before coming back, should turn back. That happened, but only three. Kalim's attack with the striker has not even struck. It simply stopped working during filming.

Kali and Kalim simply refused to turn around.

Total traps on the marker


"Kali was so strong when he did not turn the chair" said Vojta Dyk, when all three turned, only one raper did not. "I can not make this chair, I'll stand" he said about the failure of Kali's rotation mechanism. At that moment, when he got up and crouched down from his chair, he suddenly turned around and the raper took him in person. "That's not fair.Is this really about me? he asked the interrogator earlier and then left to sit on the stairs.

This situation amused everyone in the studio, which was a sign of a laugh. Vojta Dyk, who decided to try the Kali chair, had the most fun. He turned around without the least problems. "With me it becomes completely normal" Dyk smiled. "I feel ashamed, but I did not really eat anything at night." he defended his raper.

Pepa Vojtek, who suggested that only a stool be placed in the chair, did not forgive his witty remark. Kali sat and the chair turned without him. Although the other coaches for the future father were digging, everything was funny and at least amused people in the audience.


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