Monday , October 25 2021

Today we will be all fans of Germany, coming from the Slovakian locker room


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The Slovak team will be supporting Germany today. Only the triumph of the Germans over the Americans will keep us in the quarterfinals. Otherwise, Slovakia will end the home league on Tuesday with the Danes.

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Our players currently have nine points. Americans plus two and match the Slovaks to good. Progressive mathematics is therefore clear: Americans should not receive more than one point.

"I had mapped quite well before the game. Let's keep our fingers crossed for the Germans on Sunday – Germany – USA. I very much hope that the fate of hockey will do it for us. I would like to see the German game, but I do not know if we will all go together or not. It depends on the program we have. We should be German fans on Sunday " he said Adam Liška.

Finally he will not watch the German battle Matúš Sukeľ. Our main bishop in the tournament is now full of hockey and would like to relax as much as possible during the next two days free.

"But I'm sure to see the result of the fight, after all, this match will determine what's next, we expect the US to stumble to have a chance to reach the quarterfinals. said a 23-year-old native of Liptovsky Mikulas, who against the United Kingdom scored his fifth goal in the league, ranking eighth among the world's greatest champions.

He opened a tournament account against the UK Patrik Koch. Tenda was in the last two goals of Slovakia, with which our score was closed. Up to seven accurate hits from the British network eventually awakened the public to another great atmosphere.

"The fans are great here and they help us a lot. We enjoy every second. On the ice looks awful and our seven players. What if you watch the match with Germany? Certainly yes and I hope the Germans can do that " was 22 years old Košice.

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He also fired his first goal in his world championship this year Dávid Bondra. He, with tears in his eyes, sent him to his newly fallen grandmother after the match. Strong emotions did it even after the game.

But in mind, striker Poprad, 26, also had a fight, which will decide on our performance in this year's championship: "I am especially happy that we have won because we are still alive.I do not know if I will watch.It is difficult to say now but I am sure to keep my fingers crossed for the Germans.



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