This is the most detailed picture of the deepest universe that man has ever created


The universe is a magical place. Hundreds of millions of miles of unimpeded cities can cause colds in many of us. Below, we offer a more detailed picture of the deepest universe we could create in modern human history. We can see the photo. radiation of 10,000 galaxies 13 billion years ago.

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This last photograph is the result of the hard work of astronomers headed by the institute of astrophysics of the Canary Islands. This explains how they managed to create that image. This was done using a display technique called ABYSS, which is capable of retaining low surface gloss properties.

In other words, it can extract persistent "lost" light from distant and larger galaxies that were not captured in previous experiments or photographs. Dark gray shows the new light found around galaxies, while the lighter gray color is used to display the "weaker" backlight emitted by more than 100 billion stars.

"We went back to the original image file directly from the Hubble telescope and improved the combining process to get the best image quality not only for distant smaller galaxies but also for expanded areas of larger galaxies," said Alejandro S Borlaff, lead author of the project .


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