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The wife of George Krampol after returning from psychiatry: THIS SHOULD BE OBSERVED …


Hana Krampolová had a difficult time. After losing her mother, her psyche got very busy. She stopped eating and the cigarettes in her mouth alternated one after the other. She ended up at the hospital and got into the hands of the psychiatrists. But now he's home again, he's fine. But he still faces a return to psychiatry. If he does not comply with the rules, he can easily find himself there again.

Jiří Krampol suffered from his wife Hanka. She had a hard time after losing her mother.

Wife of Jiří Krampol after

Source: TV Barrandov

"I suffered from an appetite. I stopped having an appetite. I was very picky and refused food. Now I have to have a regular regimen – breakfast, lunch, dinner. I have to eat something every three hours. The only rust is the cigarette. I can max one box a day, but I smoke ten " Krampolová to the Czech Prásk.

Regularity is important in this case. Since she had problems with food intake, adhering to a timeline is the alpha and the omega. "I had coffee and cookies yesterday, I had gnocchi with egg and I do not know what we will have for dinner, I also have nutridines if I stop eating again" Hana brought her day closer. However, you are still avoiding nutritionally balanced drinks until they really need to touch them. If he does not want to go back to psychiatry, he should eat regularly. The good sign that he is standing up is that he has already visited a manicure, pedicure or hairdresser.

Hana Krampolová must follow strict rules.

Wife of Jiří Krampol after

Do you know anyone who is suffering from eating disorders?

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