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The well-known marquist has lost weight: there is a stroke behind everything!


On that Friday, Tomáš Juríček appears on the screens of Markíza TV, in Teleráno, where he currently creates a set with Flower Horváth. The presenter has already admitted in his instagram profile what few people knew. Having enjoyed waiting for the first four-year-old, he had a stroke.

Tomáš Juríček has been creating a set of moderators with Flower Horváth in Telerá on Friday.

The well-known Markizák lost weight:


It was she who turned her life into a dark-haired marquis, and he realized that he had to start changing his habits. "I'm down there.I mean, that's me.It seems like I'm eating.That.It's me too.Difference of photo – 7 years and 16 pounds.Nating sick is extremely simple.And suddenly the body will return you. In the 24th year I had a stroke.All of a sudden, these 100 pounds of stuff are in the hospital.Everybody tries to move the foot " Tomas broke up.

Juricek has discovered that by treating our body, it will bring us back. And better with interest. They say that karma is free and worked well in this case as well. To the Handlovan native, that sign was changing. As he says, the enduring consequences did not stay with him except for a few things.

"I already know that the body needs to be taken care of. I'm not talking about the exaggerated body bullet coming from us in the instagram profiles. Just give him a little love. A little good energy. And suddenly you fold your universe as you should " he talks to people on the net. Getting a stroke at such a young age is not fun, so everyone should take care of their health, not just when they raise a warning finger. And Tomáš realized that too. "No, the bees did not catch me I was just eating and eating and eating and not moving Do not be like me in 2012 Be happy! refers to the whole Marquis.

Tomas Juricek, at age 24, had a stroke. He kicked and he started to take care of his body.

The well-known Markizák lost weight:

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Do you know anyone who had a stroke at such a young age?

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