The tiger mosquito that is transmitting the disease is attacking Europe: it has occupied half of France


The tiger mosquito, capable of transmitting the Zika virus, has settled permanently in more than half of France, including Paris. The French Ministry of Health has published a map of the occurrence of this insect. Also refers to this AFP

The tiger mosquito, originating in Asia, last year inhabited 51 of the 101 French departments. In 2017, scientists registered only 42 administrative units. In addition to the south of France, there is a mosquito already in the north of France, which borders Belgium, Euro News writes.

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The tiger mosquito can transmit viruses that cause fever, joint pain, headaches and muscles. In the European part of France appeared for the first time in 2004 around Nice. In particular, global warming and more intense traffic contribute to the spread of the tiger mosquito.

Each individual of this type of mosquito is not an unavoidable transmitter of any of these viruses, it only happens when it sucks the blood of an infected human being. This is done mostly outside Europe. Since the first appearance of a mosquito migrated fifteen years ago, authorities recorded 22 cases of dengue fever and 31 cases of chikungunya virus in France.


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